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We’re building a wall…and Sparta’s going to pay for it!

We’ve discussed The Donald in these pages before. Almost every time we’ve come back from the ordeal beaten and bloodied after perusing our reader responses. Is Trump the “democratic tyrant” that Plato warns us about in his The Republic? We pondered that question some months ago. Seemed plausible at the time, but maybe we had

The Dual Monarchy of Sparta

By Julia Huse When it comes to Ancient Greece I am particularly Spartan Warrior fond of Athens. As the birthplace of democracy, the epicenter of Greek tragedy, and the intellectual hub of the classical age, Athens had a lot going for it. Today, however, we look elsewhere. Classical Athens, after all, wasn’t the only place

The Good Kind of Strife

We recently made the claim that societies need a bit of strife. After all, without strife, there can be no greatness. You may or may not subscribe to this sentiment, the idea that the hottest forge creates the strongest steel, but it was nothing short of a cultural cornerstone in the earliest days of ancient

The Fall of Jerusalem (Part 2)

It was not often said of the Romans that they were an empire tolerant of seditious behaviour. Though arguments can be made that they often bestowed certain benefits on the peoples they subjugated (a certain well-known scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian springs to mind), once a nation lost its statehood and became a

Haters Gonna Hate

Hate is not something unique to the modern age. The ancients were hating right up there with the best of them. Hate, it would seem, does not relegate itself to any one culture, race, or time period. It’s an equal opportunity employer, if you will. I hate women who are chaste in words but secretly

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