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Homer the Poet and Fate – Part Two

by A.P. David – You can Read Homer the Poet and Fate – Part One by A.P. David HERE: The problem with a budget is that it cannot be changed mid-stream. In the period prior to its passage, a budget is a field of endless conflict and negotiation. Anything is possible at that point. But

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Homer the Poet and Fate – Part One

by A. P. David What is the role of ‘fate’ in Homer’s Iliad? My late teacher David Grene used to say that fate in ancient Greek usage was only ever about 95{4bbaa3f7fb53ef70ccd4c15050030176e310cee5f8f4a0b9db4276a824dd3e40} certain. That is to say, there was always that little bit of wiggle room, and hence a feeling of possibility and choice. Without

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