Library icon CWSAs a member of Classical Wisdom Litterae, you will have full access to our ebook library of ancient classics. Download as many as you like and begin reading at your leisure. Below are instructions on how to utilize the Classical Wisdom Litterae library.

What is the library?

How do I download an Ebook?

I want to download an Ebook to my iPad

I want to download an Ebook to my Kindle

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What is the library?

The library is the place where you will find all of the ebooks from Classical Wisdom Litterae. It is your portal to download whichever book you would like. More books are added regularly and you will always be alerted when a new ebook is ready for download. You can navigate to the library by hovering over the “Litterae” button at the top of the page and clicking on “Ebook Library”.

In the library you will find images of the books that are available for download as well as books that will soon be available.

ebook library CWS











How do I download an ebook?

By clicking on any book cover while in the library you will be transported to a download page. At the download page you will be given more information about the ebook including a brief synopsis of the plot as well as the author and translator.

You will be given three options for download. You may either download the ebook as a PDF, epub, or .mobi file type.

download CWS












After clicking on one of the options, the file will automatically download and should appear in your download folder. From here you simply right click on the file and select “open” and then choose your preferred e-reader program.

open cws











I want to download an ebook to my iPad

The simplest way to download an ebook to your iPad is to navigate to the library page while on your iPad and to click on the book you wish to download. From here, it is best to select an epub format for your download by clicking on the link that reads “epub format…” . The iPad will immediately begin downloading the file and will prompt you to “Open in Ibooks” or “Open in…”

Click on “Open in Ibooks” and your ebook will automatically be sent to the Ibooks library.

ibooks open













I want to download an ebook to my kindle

To download an ebook to your Kindle, you will first want to download the .mobi version of the file you wish to read to your computer. Once the file has been downloaded to your computer (see “How do I download an ebook”) you will connect your kindle to your computer using the USB cable provided with your kindle.

Drag and drop the file from your downloads folder into the “documents” folder on your Kindle. The ebook should now appear in your Kindle library.


Further Resources

Navigate to these pages if you still are unsure how to transfer your ebook to your favorite e-reader.


Add a PDF to a Kindle

Add a PDF to an Ipad

Add files to a Nook

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