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The Flood and the Arc of Deucalion

by Nicole Saldarriaga, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Name this man: when warned that the earth and all its inhabitants would be destroyed by an enormous flood, he—the only pious man worth saving—and his wife built an ark, in which they both survived the flood. After the waters receded, and once the ark had come aground

Spartan Women

by Nicole Saldarriaga, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about Sparta. This is historically a favorite topic of conversation when it comes to the cultures and civilizations of Ancient Greece, and its popularity seems like kind of a no-brainer. After all, who isn’t at least a tiny bit fascinated by a race

How the Spider Came to Be

Or, The Girl Who Told the Truth about the Gods By Nicole Saldarriaga, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom I’d take a look at the humble spider. Though spiders may not qualify as the most terrifying of creatures, their inclusion in a popular myth about Roman goddess, Minerva, certainly clues us into what the Greeks and Romans

Roman Concrete: A Forgotten Stroke of Genius

I can hear some of you thinking now: Concrete? Is she really writing about concrete? Believe me, reader, the same sort of thoughts passed through my mind when I began to do my research for this article–but let me ask one question (especially to those of you lucky ducks who have gotten to visit Italy):

Big News from the Ancient World

Ladies and gentlemen, divers off the coast of Antikythera Island, Greece have discovered….a lead cylinder! Alright, alright–all joking aside, the recent discovery of this lead cylinder actually marks an extremely interesting bit of news, because as it turns out, this cylinder had a very specific nautical purpose, and if experts are correct in what they’ve

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