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The Differences Between Roman and Greek Tragedy

by Lydia Serrant, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom There is no doubt that the Romans drew a lot from the Greeks. This included their love of theatre. Roman theatre took a while to take hold, but once it did, it was popularised across the Empire and evolved over the centuries. The Romans adopted many of the

Twenty Quotes from Stoic Philosophers

by Bryan Maniotakis, Guest Poster, One of the best ways to get a quick grasp on Stoicism and the principles it follows is through thousands of years of age-old quotations influenced by its teachings. Across the centuries, many important people in history have made note of what has led them to success or failure.

Marcus Aurelius and Diogenes: Stoicism and Cynicism

By Andrew Rattray At first glance, the philosophies of Stoicism and Cynicism appear to be two sides of the same coin. Both philosophies are eminently practical, designed as day-to-day practices more than grand ideals, focusing on achieving a state of ‘eudaimonia’ (literally, ‘good spirit’), a state of flourishing and freedom from worry, through self-discipline, sacrifice,

The Decline of the Eastern Empire

by Andrew Rattray It’s hard to pin the ultimate ending of the Roman Empire to a single cause. Of course there is no single date we can point to but rather a gradual collapse over hundreds of years. In the 3rd century the Empire was split into East and West, and by the 6th century

Fate and Free Will – The Stoic Perspective

by Mariami Shanshashvili         It is no secret that ancient teachings of Stoicism have seen a massive revival in modern times. From academia to the general public, people have been closely rethinking Stoic philosophy.  One of the primary reasons behind this surging popularity of Stoicism, I would say, is the appeal of exercising a complete control

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