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Stella Samaras has a B.A. Hons. in Theatre and Film Studies from the University of New South Wales. She revels in the wonder and mystery of ancient cultures. You can read more of Stella's work on her personal website here:

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The Murder of Agamemnon: Birth of Modern Justice

Written by Stella Samaras, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Weekly “The poet’s grace, the singer’s fire, Grow with his years; and I can still speak truth With the clear ring the God’s inspire…”  Aeschylus, Chorus from Agamemnon In 458 BCE, the aging Aeschylus was a contender at the Dionysia. Athens, although enjoying peace between the Persian

The Marvelous Avengers: Part Two

By Stella Samaras, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Read Part One Here Orientalizing – Corinth (c. 720-535 BCE) When the Dorians settled in the Attic Peninsula and the Peloponnese, many of the natives moved into the Aegean and across to Asia Minor. When they returned they brought back Eastern influences. Geometric pottery which incorporated simple human

The Marvelous Avengers, Ancient Greek Style: Part One

By Stella Samaras, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom And the 64 million drachma question is, “Did the Ancient Greeks read comic books?” Er, I meant comic scrolls, er tablets, er…um…you know what I mean: did they read graphic novels about scantily clad heroes, whose pecs and six-packs were made for lycra; whose superhuman feats reached mythical

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