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How important is the health of a ruler?

The classical age was rife with plague and disease. After all, the ancient world very often chalked up illnesses to the whims of capricious gods; and when you consider that there were open sewer systems, deplorable hygiene practices, not to mention a severe lack of penicillin, getting sick and dying weak and infirmed was par

The (ancient) Building Boom

We haven’t lived in the city long enough to become nostalgic for the town that it once was. We can’t mourn for the destruction of the original Astor Hotel (demolished in the early 20th century) or lament the fate of the original Pen Station- a beautiful, classically inspired, architectural jewel that was leveled in the

Do dogs have souls?

There are a few possible sources we could peruse for the purposes of uncovering the nature of canine souls. We have chosen to look at Aristotle and his treatment of the soul within De Anima. Artie defines a soul as… … the first actuality of an organic body that is potentially alive   Let that

We’re building a wall…and Sparta’s going to pay for it!

We’ve discussed The Donald in these pages before. Almost every time we’ve come back from the ordeal beaten and bloodied after perusing our reader responses. Is Trump the “democratic tyrant” that Plato warns us about in his The Republic? We pondered that question some months ago. Seemed plausible at the time, but maybe we had

The Dual Monarchy of Sparta

By Julia Huse When it comes to Ancient Greece I am particularly Spartan Warrior fond of Athens. As the birthplace of democracy, the epicenter of Greek tragedy, and the intellectual hub of the classical age, Athens had a lot going for it. Today, however, we look elsewhere. Classical Athens, after all, wasn’t the only place

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