I’m over the Moon! I have literally been working on this for five years now… And today I’m proud to announce the release of Classical Wisdom’s first ever Children’s book, Sappho: The Lost Poetess.
Written by yours truly, it explores the life, the works and the remarkable discovery of the great 7th century BC ancient Greek poetess, Sappho. 


Sappho, the great ancient Greek Poetess, was considered equal to Homer. Living in the 7th BCE, her work was renowned and beloved… but over time her poetry has been lost. Today almost none of it has survived… that is, until a new discovery was found!
Children and adults alike will love this beautifully illustrated story of the great poetess. Including actual lines of her remaining poetry, readers will enjoy learning about this ancient time period, the talented poetess as well as her unique poetic style.
Sappho: the Lost Poetess includes a historical appendix allowing teachers, parents, and interested students to learn even more about Sappho, her poetry, and the ancient world.
Help nurture the love of the classics, poetry and archeology in the next generation…. Get ahead of all the holiday sales and order your own beautiful hardback copy for yourself and for the children in your life!