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The Mark of an Educated Man (or woman)

You can’t be an educated man (or woman) unless you have studied the classics. This was the absolute truth, straight through to the 19th century. 

And while the classical period - spanning the mid-2nd millennium BC to the 6th century AD - is fascinating in and of itself, knowledge of this time frame actually helps you understand everything else that occurred afterwards. That’s because the brilliant minds in Europe, America and abroad studied the classics and were heavily influenced by them. Including the United States' founding fathers...

Want to comprehend Nietzsche or Freud? You better know your Greek mythology! Studying law and Justice? Best place to start is with Plato... Modern day politics and government? Ethics? Mathematics? Art? Literature? Just about all topics draw on the ancient world. 

Understanding the Classics gives you a strong foundation in Everything.

Lasting the Test of Time


Time is a wonderful filter. Every day of every year people are producing articles, books, art...but, let’s be honest, not all of it’s good. It can be hard knowing what information is actually valuable and worth our precious (and limited!) time. 

The Classics, however, have all passed the test. To have survived 4,000 years, you know the ideas that are both universal and timeless.

Of course with so much fantastic literature, mythology and history to cover, it can be overwhelming...and difficult to know where to start. 

That's why we've created the Classical Wisdom guide you  and help you both enjoy and understand the Ancient World.

What is Classical Wisdom Membership? 

Classical Wisdom Membership gives you the most exciting, in-depth and thought provoking research from classics experts around the globe...all in one spot. 

The research and ancient wisdom we collect - articles, podcasts, live webinars and videos - are exclusively for our Members so they can enjoy and understand even more of the classical world.

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For over 4,000 years our ancestors have been pondering the most important questions that exist, and their answers still inspire awe. Indeed, the Ancient Wisdom found in the Classics is more relevant today than ever before. 

Our mission is to preserve this ancient knowledge and make it accessible and enjoyable for the modern mind.

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