A Guide to Getting (Really) Educated…

But HOW can we do this? What are the resources to help? And where can we begin?
As mainstream educational institutions move away from a classical core in the liberal arts, it can be tempting to feel despondent about the future of this educational model that has educated men and women for millenia. 
Yet there are a growing number of organizations around the world committed to remedy this. These non-accrediting institutions are nourishing those who care about ideas and the wisdom of the past and are offering people a chance to engage in the ideas of the Great Conversation.
What can we learn from these initiatives?  How can we promote more of them? How can these new organizations nurture and grow the values of curiosity and lifelong learning?
All registrations made in advance will receive a recording of the event afterwards, even if they are unable to attend. 
The event will take place on Wednesday, May 12th at NOON EDT. 
About the Speakers: 
Dr. James Hankins is a professor of History at Harvard University and an intellectual historian specializing in the Italian Renaissance. He is author of many books, including, Virtue Politics: Soulcraft and Statecraft.
Alexandra Hudson is the curator of Civic Renaissance, a publication and intellectual community dedicated to the wisdom of the past, beauty, goodness and truth.
Anya Leonard is Founder and Director of Classical Wisdom, a platform dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to Modern Minds.