Have you ever started a book and immediately got lost? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to dive into something grand, like Herodotus’ Histories… but never got enough time to sit down and read it all the way through?
That’s why there are the Connell Guides.
Concise and yet entertaining, these books will help you navigate through the literature. You’ll get insightful tips into the classics, enviable quotes and a fresh look at old texts.
It’s the last word you’ll ever need to read on the ancient Greek and Latin texts.
See What Others Are Saying about the Connell Guides:
Tom Stoppard“The Connell Guides are brief, attractive, erudite, and to the point. Bravo!”
Sir Tom Stoppard

Emma Thompson
“What fantastic guides these are – I wish I’d had them when I was eighteen”
Emma Thompson

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