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Dear Reader,
Thank you for your interest in Classical Wisdom Weekly and all the wonderful literature of the ancient world. As a new subscriber, there are a few things you should know about.
We have recently implemented a new policy for the benefit of our readers. It is a program that would give you FREE access to some of Classical Wisdom Weekly‘s most popular services and products, as well as exclusive invitations and offerings available only to a select few.
What is it?
It is called the Classical Wisdom Society. It is Classical Wisdom Weekly’s online community of classical readers and classical enthusiasts. Society members receive all sorts of benefits that regular subscriber don’t.
Society members receive a new E-book every month from Classical Wisdom Weekly, they have access to our ever-growing online library of Classical Wisdom Weekly books, as well as forum access, a specialized newsletter, and exclusive deals and offers from Classical Wisdom Weekly and our affiliate partners.
In short, Society members are like our first class passengers.
And as of right now, you can become a Classical Wisdom Society member for FREE.
You read that right. In order to let more people see how it feels to be part of the Classical Wisdom Society, we are letting new members join for free during their first month.
And with Society membership, there are all sorts of perks…
A new E-Book each month on a different ancient classic. 
  • Relive the battle for Troy with selections from Homer’s epic The Iliad
  • Philosophize along with Plato as we recount the final days of Socrates
  • Witness the tragic tale of King Oedipus with Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex
  • Wander the Aegean with Odysseus as he faces monsters and more in The Odyssey
  • And that’s just the beginning…
Access to all books in our expansive online library
  • Have instant access to all of our past books, including original titles that can’t be found anywhere else
  • New E-books added monthly
The Classical Wisdom Society newsletter
  • In depth analysis of the classics, allowing you to appreciate all the lessons and themes
  • Biographies of historical figures presented by Classical Wisdom Weekly
  • Exclusive discounts on Classical Wisdom Weekly books, programs and courses…
Access to a member’s only forum
  • A virtual Agora, the member’s only forum is a true marketplace of ideas where you can discuss topics of interest with your fellow Society members
Join today and you will also receive…
The Essential Greeks Online Humanities Course
This ten-part online humanities course is unlike any other. With ten lesson modules focusing on the most celebrated authors, philosophers, tragedians, historians, and statesmen of the classical Greek age. This course comes with…
  • Hours of documentary style video lectures loaded with unfolding images, maps and graphics to culminate in an engaging and entertaining learning experience
  • Interactive lesson quizzes that test your mastery of the material and scores you on your performance
  • Exclusive access to a virtual discussion board to debate and discuss important lessons from the course with other society members
  • A virtual textbook created by Classical Wisdom Weekly with selections of primary sources coupled with expert commentary and introductions
Each E-book in the online library typically sells for about $11.99 each. The Essential Greeks Online Humanities Course by itself sells for $250. An offer like this could cost you hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars.
But like I said, you can sign up today and receive all this for free. Your first month is on us, and after your first free month, you can continue as a Society member for only $3 a month.
Why the Classical Wisdom Society?
First, to allow faithful readers like you to discover from the inside everything we do, without having to make the decision to purchase all of our offers and programs.
Like I said, this is a MAJOR change in how we operate.
Instead of having to search for and select which products and offers best suit your classical studies goals, you can now become a member of this unique online society and gain instant access to all the best services from Classical Wisdom Weekly.
As a member of the Classical Wisdom Society, you will receive all the products and offers that I listed above and you will also receive a few benefits that I haven’t told you about yet.
Society members receive early offers and preferred pricing on all future products and services from Classical Wisdom Weekly. These include things like…
  • Original books and publications from us as well as our long list of affiliate partners
  • Conferences and seminars with special guest speakers, authors and historians from around the world
  • Instructional ancient Greek and Latin classes for all levels of speakers
  • Family excursions and planned vacations to the ancient lands-Florence, Rome, Athens, and many more
  • Interactive and powerful study software that let’s you read the classics like never before
  • Artwork and historical replicas from the classical world
  • And so much more!
Anything and everything related to the classical world and classical studies will be right at your fingertips. And remember, all this will be included in your membership.
Why Is It Free?
Classical Wisdom Society membership is now free for one month because we want everybody who is interested in learning the ancient classics, to experience all the perks and benefits that come with being a Society member.
We have received numerous emails from readers who have told us how they would love to take part in some of our offers, but they are unsure if it is a good fit for them, if they are getting “enough bang for their buck”.
It pains me to see people who want to learn more about the ancient classics, the first masterpieces of the ancient world, but are hesitant to do so for financial reasons.
These could be university students, stay at home moms, or retired individuals who recognize the value of a good classical education.
This new policy change exists so that everybody can take part in learning all the timeless lessons of antiquity, the literature, history, and ideas that shaped our very society.
It is a way of allowing people who wish to see before committing. You can judge our work, read our books, and learn from our online courses, all without any risk.
You have no obligation to continue your membership if you are unsatisfied.
Let me repeat that. You can try the Classical Wisdom Society for free for one month and, if you are not satisfied, cancel at any time, no questions asked.
What you will receive
By joining the Classical Wisdom Society today, you will receive all the benefits listed below.
  • A new E-book each month focusing on your favorite classical authors delivered right to your inbox
  • Free access to our expansive, growing online library with original titles from Classical Wisdom Weekly and new selections added every month
  • Exclusive access to the Society Forum, a virtual agora to discuss important themes and ideas with other society members
  • The Classical Wisdom Society newsletter, a monthly newsletter with in-depth analysis of the classics, the lives and ideas of celebrated authors, as well as all the fascinating history of the ancient world
  • Early access and preferred pricing on all future Classical Wisdom Weekly programs, including new publications, conferences, vacation packages, and more
  • The Essential Greeks Online Humanities Course-typically priced at $250, this one of a kind online course gives you an insight into the lives, literature, and legacies of the most celebrated figures from the classical Greek world. It’s all the material found in a university humanities course, but without the university tuition.
Take your time to think this all over. Carefully reread this message if necessary. You can also contact us if you have additional questions.
You can then, with peace of mind, choose one of the following options.
Option 1: Yes, I wish to try the Classical Wisdom Society
Option 2: No thank you, this is not the time for me.
However, if you are somebody who knows the value of the classics, who knows that ancient wisdom still rings true for modern minds, then I am sure you will be eager to sign up.
Frankly, I do not think a better offer can be found in this area. To my knowledge, so many benefits for such a low cost has never been proposed by anyone else.
All the best,
Van Bryan
Associate Editor
Classical Wisdom Weekly