Anyone who knows me, knows I like to stir the proverbial pot. (While anyone who watched this weekend’s webinar knows I completely forgot about the actual pot…on the stove).
It’s for this very reason I so enjoy our Monday (sometimes Tuesday) mailbags. I love to grow a good debate, birth a lively discussion, or stoke a controversial conversation.
I often do this with the help of philosophical inquiries or political disputations… lend our classical minded perspectives to modern issues or add our own contemporary opinions to age old issues.

Lord Elgin… always a controversial character

Other times, all I have to do is hit a hot topic, such as the Elgin marbles, slavery in the ancient world… or indeed, the question of today’s issue.
Yes, dear reader, I’m asking it! I’m forging ahead with probably the greatest divider within our niche field, our classics community. Left, right, male, female, black, white… none of that matters! Today I inquire:
Greece… or Rome?
Which had the greater impact? What changed the world… the philosophical roots of the Hellas or the military might of the Latins?
You decide once and for all.
As always, you can comment below or write me directly at [email protected].