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Now… back to our Monday Mailbag…
Regular readers will recall that I’m not particularly hip. I’m not down with the latest tik tok, what nots…and to this date I still haven’t fully figured out how Twitter works. (Umm.. how do I see comments on tweets???)
And yet, somehow -even from under the apparent rock which I live – I learned about a recent ‘Tok’ that went viral on the Twittersphere.
It was of a young girl asking about the validity of math… in her very first video she mentions Pythagoras, but it is her second video that she more clearly explains her inquiry.
Tragically indicative of the modern vindictiveness found online (haters, it appears, are gonna hate), the teenager was lambasted for being ‘dumb’ by an insecure and judgemental faceless crowd.
Philosophers, mathematicians, physicists and the genuinely curious, however, praised the highschooler for asking a serious question… one that has plagued the inquisitive since time itself.
In fact, I thought we should tackle the subject as well…To recap the adolescent:
How do people know what they are looking for? How did they know their formulas were right?
Adding to this, I would like to open the discussion beyond the confines of mathematics and algebra, to everything as we know it… or don’t, for that matter. Essentially:
How do we know what we are looking for? And how do we know when we’ve found it?
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