The weather changed, quite suddenly, over the weekend. Perhaps it did for you too, dear reader, it is that time of year after all. Here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, however, it meant the end of the searing summer. 
And it was a very welcome change. 
The oppressive humidity was replaced with pleasant sunshine, laced with a cool breeze. One can imagine the wind picking up fresh off the massive, icy glaciers of the south, and racing across the grassy pampas in order to bring a refreshing breath to the heaving metropolis. 
As such, everyone was outside: at the park, walking down the boulevards, or enjoying good conversation at a friend’s asado (a barbecue). Your editor fell into the latter category. 
Aspasia and the Philosophers… they just need some wine and bbq!
I was meandering from group to group, glass of Malbec in hand, when I stumbled upon the most fascinating conversation. 
“Well, that proves that you believe in the existence of the soul,” ventured a friend, an American, in fact.
“Which is strange, of course, because you say you are an atheist.”
I stopped immediately and began to listen. What fodder for you dear reader! 
“No, not at all” was the reply. 
“You are stating that not all biological processes are responsible for your decisions…”
“Yes, the manifestation of the ego, thoughts, they are not just from chemicals.”
“Which sounds like it must come from a soul…”
“Define Soul.” 
A Soul in Heaven, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (November 30, 1825 – August 19, 1905)
I actually spilled my wine, I was so excited to jump into the debate. My previous conversations had stalled on the banal… such as the weather (You know, cool breezes off the glaciers type of thing). Finally, here was a topic to make the brain tick! 
But I won’t go into my answer, because I want to hear yours first. So, before this time next week, please write me at [email protected] with your response to the question:
What, if anything, is the soul?
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