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You know it. I know it. It’s obvious to anyone who spends any significant amount time plugged into social media.
It ain’t good for us.
In fact, studies show just that. We are constantly on our phones and on social media.
According to research firm Dscout, the typical cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day….and that’s just the average user. Extreme cellphone users — meaning the top 10% — touch their phones more than 5,400 times daily.
How can you ever expect to get anything serious, meaningful, or memorable done with your life if you are that distracted? It’s a wonder anyone does anything at all!
And it’s not only that this constant contact with our phones is taking up all of our time, distracting us from better, healthier activities….

it’s actually making us unhappy.

One study found that Facebook use was linked to both less moment-to-moment happiness and less life satisfaction—the more people used Facebook in a day, the more these two variables dropped off.
Put simply: More Facebook = Less Happiness.
Finding love, happiness, leading a good and virtuous life… these aren’t new problems. They’ve been around for thousands of years… as long as there have been humans.
There ARE solutions.
All the great and difficult problems in life have been studied and written about (beautifully in fact). The solutions to your toughest questions about love, life, and happiness are all available.
And today, I’ll show you how you can find them all… IN ONE PLACE. It may be the most valuable source of wisdom I’ve ever run across.
What I’m going to show you today is completely different. It’s a compilation of practical wisdom that you can use, starting today, to live a better, happier, more virtuous life. I’ll show you more in a moment.
But first…if you take nothing else from my letter, you need to hear this: quit your social media today. Delete them. Don’t wait. Do it today and don’t look back. It is the first step on your path to a wiser, happier, more peaceful life. And the sooner you do it, the better. Why?
Facebook Addiction Disorder
A mountain of evidence now shows that not only could social media have a negative impact on politics (and our elections), it poses an even more serious threat: your mental health and well-being.
Social Media (and video games) are actually designed to make you addicted, with no foresight into your well-being as a result. It uses something called persuasive technology, a discipline in which digital machines and apps — including smartphones, social media, and video games — are configured to alter human thoughts and behaviors.
The creator, Dr. B.J. Fogg, a psychologist and the father of persuasive technology, speaks openly of the ability to use smartphones and other digital devices to change our ideas and actions:
“We can now create machines that can change what people think and what people do, and the machines can do that autonomously.”
Their goal is to make you spend as much time on these technologies as possible – and it hurts the young the most.
This information is only coming out now as Tech Industry giants -such as Sean Parker, Tristan Harris, Tony Fadell- are admitting the dangers they didn’t think about in their 20’s…because now they have children.
A review study from Nottingham Trent University… concluded that “it may be plausible to speak specifically of ‘Facebook Addiction Disorder’… because addiction criteria, such as neglect of personal life, mental preoccupation, escapism, mood modifying experiences, tolerance and concealing the addictive behavior, appear to be present in some people who use [social networks] excessively.”
Yet another analysis looked at how we make comparisons to others posts, in “upward” or “downward” directions—that is, feeling that we’re either better or worse off than our friends. It turned out that both types of comparisons made people feel worse.

To be clear, this is not the pursuit of knowledge through technology. It’s slavery and addiction to our appetites. Fortunately, there’s a better way to live more essentially.

As we mentioned, the first place to start is to quit or cut down on social media… Studies have repeatedly shown that taking a break from Facebook helps boost psychological well-being… even a short hiatus can have a meaningful impact.
But there’s a lot more to it than just switching off and tuning out.
Social media and facebook are actually symptoms of a much greater, far deeper problem. We are living in a world of short attention spans, reality tv, and tinder swipes… a world of shallow, quick fix ‘gratification.’
Any wonder then that we’ve strayed from the path of true and lasting happiness…we don’t even really know what it is anymore.
You probably feel this already, intuitively.
You can see this in the news, in the statistics, in the very tragic state of affairs. Drug addictions and related deaths, to take just one of many examples, are at an all time high in America. More than 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids.
That number is almost double what it was just a decade ago. (Source: CDC WONDER)
Suicide is also an issue. In June, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) released a report suggesting that America’s suicide rate increased by 25% between 1999 and 2016.
Suicide, along with drug overdoses and liver disease, are considered ‘deaths of despair’. There couldn’t be a greater indication of the current state of happiness – or lack thereof.
We aren’t doing ourselves any good… We aren’t going our kids any good… We aren’t doing our society any good.
Clearly, we aren’t happy.

The crazy part of all of this is that the key to happiness -real happiness- is right in front of us. In fact, it’s been there all along.

Finding happiness…living a good life…trying to be a better person…these aren’t new problems. They’re human problems. They’ve always been with us.
What’s more, for thousands of years, thoughtful, smart and serious people have written about exactly these problems! Their answers are right there in black and white for us. The distilled wisdom of thousands of years of actual human experience with the same issues you grapple with today.
But not 1 in a 1000 people knows where to look.
Today, I want to show you exactly where to look. You’ll find what you’re looking for in an exceptional resource.
Most people seek out happiness in purely superficial ways.
They spend hours at the gym or fixated on the latest fad diets… They pour through magazines and head to the shops… They slave long hours for ungrateful bosses at unsatisfying jobs…
And between these moments of misery and unfulfillment, they take refuge in the false reality of Social Media.
Look around you the next time you’re out. See just how many people are glued to their phones and tablets…the true beauty of life just passing them by, one precious moment after another.
Fortunately, there IS a roadmap to real and lasting happiness. And it’s been known and studied for centuries.
We know we need to clear some space in our minds. We have to put down our phones and make some room in our brains for something meaningful, something lasting… a real path to happiness and knowledge.
But where to start?
You may not be surprised to learn… it all starts with…
In the words of the Roman Emperor and great Stoic, Marcus Aurelius:
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
If you sense that in our fast-paced culture of instant communication and constant stimulation we’ve forgotten what’s important, you’re right.
In a world where we are constantly told WHAT to think, we’ve suddenly forgotten HOW to think.
The key here lies in decluttering our minds… emptying out all that toxic misinformation… and getting back to a few basic, core values.
This is where a firm understanding of some Classic texts can not only help guide us, but also liberate us from our anxieties and unhappiness.
To be sure, these are not dry and dusty stories only interesting to historians and librarians and scholars.
Far from it.
These ancient texts contain critical lessons, studied and mastered by some of history’s most critical thinkers and passed down through the ages (often in a wildly entertaining way).
Any wonder they are still read by some of the most powerful, influential people on the planet to this day.
Experience. Knowledge. Wisdom. That’s what the classics have to offer. And that’s exactly what’s missing from today’s world.
Today’s entertainment is empty, vulgar, or downright evil.
It is no exaggeration to say, we risk losing our entire civilization – all the valuable lessons we learned from the ancient world – if we don’t take time to remember and relearn them.
Worse than that, we risk losing the very fundamental values of life: Real Happiness… Lasting Pleasure… True Virtue…
To quote the great Philosopher Aristotle:
Happiness, whether consisting in pleasure or virtue, or both, is more often found with those who are highly cultivated in their minds and in their character…
– Politics, Book VII, 1323b.1

So, where does one begin such a quest to improve our minds and character?
What is The Essential Greeks?
What if I told you that the lives of the ancient Greeks could become so familiar to you that you begin to think of these men, not as obscure authors, but as long lost friends?

What if I told you that there was a way to easily discover the timeless lessons of antiquity and
apply them to your own life?

And that you could begin doing just that…today. You could begin to improve your outlook on life…nurture your sense of self…energize the vibrancy of your most important asset – your mind – starting right now.
You would see the classics and the authors of these texts in a whole new light. A full foundation and understanding of the most important ancient Greeks from Homer to Aristotle could be yours…
A path is beckoning you this very moment. A path to wisdom, happiness and better living.
My name is Anya Leonard and I’m the Co-Founder of Classical Wisdom.
I would like to talk to you about a way that you can, at long last, truly understand the life, times, and literature of the most essential Greek thinkers. In doing so, you will attain a higher understanding of the classical texts and learn things about the ancient world that few people will ever be privileged to know.
For instance did you know that…
  • It was only after being shamefully exiled that the historian, Thucydides was able to fulfill his History of the Peloponnesian War?
  • Aristotle, the great philosopher, was also the tutor of a young Alexander the great, perhaps the closest example we have of Plato’s Philosopher King?
  • That Aeschylus, the legendary playwright, was almost killed on stage when he revealed the mysteries of a religious cult?
  • Or did you know that some believe that The Odyssey, one of the greatest masterpieces of the Western world, was actually written by a woman?
These are but a few small instances of knowledge that would go unknown by the typical thinker, the type of person who only looks at the surface level material… that stares at their social media accounts like a zombie.
You, however, can understand and comprehend the literature and history of the ancient world in a way that few will ever know. The way in which you can learn more and understand more deeply than you have ever before in your entire life is now easier than you think.

Classical Wisdom Weekly is proud to introduce The Essential Greeks… the most comprehensive way to learn all the history, literature, and lessons of the ancient Greek thinkers.

We made sure to research and compile a list of the nine most celebrated ancient Greek writers, historians, philosophers, and tragedians. These are the men who were the founding fathers of their disciplines and whose works would be the building blocks for over two thousand years of intellectual progress.
Moreover, we’ve taken the most timeless lessons from these thinkers and presented them into ten, documentary style video lessons. Broken up into four chapters each, you will learn the history behind the life and works of…
  • Homer and his seminal works The Iliad and The Odyssey
  • Aeschylus and the horrifying legend of the house of Atreus
  • Sophocles and the shocking tale of Oedipus Rex
  • Euripides and his terrifying version of Medea
  • Socrates as he is put on trial for his life in The Apology
  • Plato and his timeless take on love within The Symposium
  • Herodotus and his retelling of the battle of Thermopylae
  • Thucydides and the history of the harrowing Peloponnesian War
  • Aristotle with his celebrated work on ethics, The Nicomachean Ethics
With The Essential Greeks you will be transported through the ages, back to a time when the very essence of Western society was still being forged in the crucible of history.
Along the way you will be guided by Classical Wisdom, as we navigate through some of the most significant, and exciting, centuries the world has ever known.
You probably would be interested in seeing this unique course in action. I don’t blame you.
Let me walk you through some of the helpful features and additions of the course.
  • In depth biographies of these essential thinkers written by our staff
  • Lesson transcripts so you can reread your favorite lesson any time
  • Extra articles and references relevant to the lesson
Lesson quizzes
  • Take comprehensive lesson quizzes so you can test your knowledge
  • Each quiz contains explanations for each question so you are guaranteed to grasp the material
Access to the virtual forum
  • Interested in discussing the themes and ideas of your favorite authors? Our virtual forum will help answer any questions you have
  • Find like-minded classics lovers to delve into the topics and explore the ancient texts
The Essential Greeks E-book
  • The most timeless selections from the authors themselves is available in this convenient anthology
  • Over two hundred pages of classical literature, a perfect compendium to the course
  • Original introductions, commentary, and analysis from the staff of Classical Wisdom
  • Read along with the lesson modules and truly learn the ancient classics
Within his text Politics, Aristotle tells us that…
All men, by their very nature, desire to know
If you are the type of person who, by their very nature, desires to seek out knowledge and live according to wisdom, then I guarantee that you will love The Essential Greeks.
Don’t just take it from us, hear what current members are saying today:
“I love how the Essential Greeks have put everything in place for me. I have studied and read about the Ancients for a while, but it was all scattered. Bits here, bits there. Now, everything makes so much more sense, I understand the works in the proper context and order. Thank you so much!” – Lauren H.
“I have found your material to be interesting and entertaining and very useful in teaching my Rhetoric in Western Thought class at my university.” – Mark G.
“This course is simply amazing. I never knew how important the Ancient Greeks were! And my friends and family love hearing the stories I tell them at dinner. They are so impressed!” – Kat B.
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Anya Leonard
Co-Founder and Director
Classical Wisdom
August 2018

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