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    Hi Everyone!

    Here are our initial rules of Engagement for the Society Forum. If you think there should be more added, please comment!

    1. Always support your arguments, use specific examples and systematic logic
    2. Stay on topic unless briefly changing topics supports your argument
    3. Belittling other commentators does not make you a philosopher, it makes you a jerk

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    George Smith

    Is anyone home to visit with?



    Hi George! I’m here :-)

    I think the rules are great. Are there any for starting topics?


    Alan Birnie

    Hello George and ClassicsFan,

    I am here too. I am particularly interested in comparing Greek/Roman philosophy to the philosophy of Ancient China.

    I fould it fascinationg to compare the wrting of the Chinese philosopher Xunzi to Plato’s Republic. Remarkable similarities between the two.

    It is also interesting to compare <encius to Aristotle. They both believed that it is our duty to devote our lives to continually learning and developing as people.

    It is gratifying to see this website helping people achieve this worthwhile aim!



    Best Information

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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