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    Color psychology is one of the most important aspects you must keep in mind when designing a logo. It helps in making an impact on the audience. Colors are probably the most potent way of effectively communicating your business message to the audience in a nonverbal way. According to a research the human mind is programmed to respond to the colors effectively. It triggers the relative emotions and shapes the thoughts and perceptions of the company.
    Every online logo maker tool to create & download logos consists of a vivid color palette that you can use while creating a logo. However, you must be careful to be knowledgeable about the impact that color makes on the audience. It is essential that you learn about the psychology and the emotions linked with the colors before you start with the logo creation process. For example, some colors such as red is used for its intense meaning where colors such as blue or green are used for its cool nature. Whether you use black, white or gradient, you must remember that it doesn’t lose the essence of your company. Do you think colors can affect the decision of a customers?

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