The Greco-Persian Wars by Herodotus
Prepare for battle!
Herodotus has long been considered “The Father of History”. That would make his Histories the first piece of literature in the discipline of historiography. And while we could fill volumes of text with Herodotus’ writings, we have chosen to focus on a very unique, and tumultuous, time of the classical age.
War has come. The superpower of the ancient world, The Persian Empire, has set its sights westward on the Greek lands. The city-states of Greece, knowing they cannot stand against the Persians alone, band together in an impromptu alliance.
What follows is fifty years of battles, bloodshed, and betrayals. From the fields of Marathon to the pass of Thermopylae, this war shall be long-fought and, thanks to Herodotus, remembered for even longer.
Any fan of ancient military history will find themselves right at home here. Enjoy commentary and introductions from the staff of Classical Wisdom Weekly alongside the original text.
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Selections from The Histories, by Herodotus
Translated by George Rawlinson
Commentary by Ben Potter and Van Bryan
Compiled by Ben Potter