The Iliad by HomerDive into battle amidst the most memorable heroes of the ancient world. Relive the battle for Troy through Homer’s irreplaceable epic, The Iliad.
After the beautiful Helen is stolen away by the Trojan prince, Paris, the Greeks and their unstoppable warrior, Achilles, unleash war upon the Trojan city-state and its fearless leader, Hector. Follow some of the most famous characters from all of literature as they fight for glory, pride, and vengeance.
No mere war story, The Iliad touches upon some of the most important themes in literature. Among these are duty, mortality, grief, and the unstoppable need for retribution.
Enjoy selected chapters from this great epic along with introductions and analysis from Classical Wisdom Weekly. Read along and then discuss the text amongst your fellow society members at our forum.

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Selections from The Iliad, by Homer
Translated by Samuel Butler
Commentary by Ben Potter
Compiled by Ben Potter