The Symposium By Plato
Compiled and Edited by Ben Potter
Foreword and Introductions by Ben Potter, Van Bryan, Edward Whelan, Dale Vernor

Plato’s The Symposium (c.385-370BC) is that famed philosopher’s treatise on the form, nature, purpose and practice of love. This month’s ebook brings you the ancient account of all things amorous as well as a collection of contemporary commentary for your consumption, including the tradition of the Symposium, ancient wine drinking, sexuality and excessive imbibing.
Perhaps you’ll decide to line these articles up and knock them back with a satisfied sucking of the teeth, or maybe sip from cup to cup at random seeing which one suits your palate best, or even dispense with the aperitifs all together and greedily rush, corkscrew in hand, to the party’s main event? Whatever your poison, whatever you decide to imbibe, remember to do it the way that Plato and his Symposium guests would have wanted… with love.