Let’s face it… Monsters are cool. Whether you are 5 or 50, they can enthrall, enchant and terrify!
But… why? Seriously, what causes humans all over the globe, all throughout history to invent these creative creatures that can scare us so?
And, more specific to the Greco-Roman world, what is it about our classical monsters that still manage to capture the imagination…. thousands of years later?
This is exactly what Dr. Liz Gloyn, Reader of Classics at the University of London and one our Symposium speakers delves into in her most recent book, Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture“.
She looks at how monsters can been seen throughout the modern era and their enormous adaptability in finding places to dwell in popular culture without sacrificing their connection to the ancient world.
Yes, dear reader, those monsters are still hiding among us! But where?
From the siren to the centaur, all monster lovers will find something to enjoy in this stimulating and accessible book:
Check out these Great Reviews:
“In this remarkable volume, Liz Gloyn is a new Ariadne who tosses Theseus out of the labyrinth and instead offers the Minotaur a dazzling story-thread. Gloyn’s compelling exploration gives voice to the classical monsters of popular culture and uncovers their powerful impact on society today.” – Monica S. Cyrino, Professor of Classics, University of New Mexico, USA,
“Informed by expert knowledge of the field and presenting a highly thoughtful and engaging approach to the material, this book creates a space that enables classical monsters to push the ubiquitous – and usually male – hero off the pedestal for a moment and be appreciated in their own right.” – Michael Williams, Professor of Film, University of Southampton, UK,
“This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in monsters and their place in popular culture.” – Salon Futura
Ask the Monster Expert Yourself!
Dr. Liz Gloyn will be speaking LIVE at our Classical Wisdom Symposium both in her own presentation on Monsters, Power And Control and in the panel discussion.
In fact, you can read her book and ask her questions about it directly! Make sure to check out all the details of our Symposium below!

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