by Christina Lee
Greek mythology offers an abundance of tales, many of which have helped inspire modern-day culture and storytelling. Needless to say, Greek mythology is compelling, diverse and not for the faint-of-heart, so it makes for great reading material. However, if you want to get your fix of Greek mythology in a format that is easy to fit in around a busy schedule, read on for my top ten Greek mythology podcast recommendations.
This podcast aims to retell Greek and Roman mythology in a way that is appropriate for a modern audience: sarcastic, irreverent and casual. Covering monsters, heroes, gods and goddesses, this retelling of the ancient world focuses on the unparalleled minds of ancient Greece and the wild escapades of the gods.
Learn from host Paul as he teaches his co-host Sarah, a comedy writer, all he knows about Greek mythology. Tune in if you enjoy banter and hilarity with an educational twist.
It’s a commonly held belief that ancient Greek gods were only myths, but what if that’s wrong? Best-selling author and mythologist Patrick Garner discusses the major Greek deities, offering little known insights about who they were and who they became.
If you’re looking for something a little different, this audio drama could fit the bill. The tales are based on Greco-Roman myths surrounding the constellations in our skies and, as you would expect, are filled with tragedy, heroics, violence and injustice. This is the perfect podcast to listen to while looking out at the night sky during a bout of insomnia, so grab a cup of coffee (decaf, of course) and get cozy.
'Zodiac and Constellations', detail from fresco on ceiling of Hall of Maps, Palazzo Farnese at Caprarola. Italy, 1574
‘Zodiac and Constellations’, detail from fresco on ceiling of Hall of Maps, Palazzo Farnese at Caprarola. Italy, 1574
Olympians had a reputation for being mercurial, petty and vengeful, so it makes sense that there’s an entire podcast dedicated to the misfortune of Greeks who attracted their attention and the havoc unleashed upon their lives.
This is billed as a podcast for children, but don’t let that put you off. While this podcast does focus on renditions of classic tales that have been tweaked for young minds, it can easily be enjoyed by people of all ages who are interested in ancient myths made accessible.
Created by Janell Rhiannon, author of the Homeric Chronicles, a brilliant adult retelling of the Trojan War, this podcast explores the research that went into the series and the various surprises she uncovered. The aim of this podcast is to highlight female voices of the Trojan War era, offering a more diverse perspective on this fascinating, but often heavily masculinized, topic.
Simple but effective, this podcast offers short summaries and readings of various classical myths. At only 10 to 15 minutes long, each episode is a bitesize chunk that can be easily digested on your lunch break or while doing chores.
Title Page of Charles Kingsley's "The Heroes"
Title page of Charles Kingsley’s “The Heroes”
Originally published in 1855, Charles Kingsley’s collection of three stories (Perseus, The Argonauts and Theseus) is now available in audiobook format. While the author intended for the heroes and adventures in this book to inspire a sense of nobility and integrity in the children who read it, the work has been deemed as culturally important and a significant contribution to our knowledge of ancient civilization.
Informal, fun, and easy to relax into, this podcast focuses on Nikhil Ranjan sharing his knowledge of Greek mythology with everyone. The content of this podcast is drawn from a variety of sources, including original works, some of which have their own episodes. If you enjoy podcasts which lean more towards content than analysis, this might be one for you.
I hope this list has given you some inspiration and encouraged you to dive into a new podcast to brush up on all things Greek. Wherever your particular interests lie, there is a whole range of podcasts and audiobooks out there for you, so get exploring and get listening!
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