By Van Bryan Bertrand Russell once said that one quality that made Socrates a great philosopher was his ability to
Bust of Hippocrates
By Ben Potter This week we're looking at a very controversial, and not-oft addressed topic in Ancient Greek and Roman
While the Spartans may not have been running laps around the Flatiron building with a kettlebell slung over their shoulder,
By Benjamin Welton When it comes to Julius Caesar’s accounts of the Gallic wars, it’s clear to see that propaganda
Read part 1 here!   1. Getting Lucky With Logic I had a professor tell me once that logic is
By Cam Rea See Part 1 here: With the Amanus Pass secured, Ventidius, head of the Roman forces, pushed
An ancient mathematician from the coastal city of Syracuse, Archimedes is largely considered one of the most prolific and most
By Cam Rea General Publius Ventidius is probably one of the most overlooked, if not completely forgotten, generals in military
Not much is really know about the Pythagoreans or their rather mysterious founder, Pythagoras. Several different accounts of the Pythagoreans
By John Mancini The Gorgon Medusa, with her serpentine hair, lolling tongue and deadly gaze, is one of the most