By Benjamin Welton Tacitus’ ethnographic work, Germania (98 AD), caused quite a stir among the Renaissance’s numerous intellectuals when it
Plato’s The Republic is often, and for good reason, considered the single most important philosophical text of the western world.
aristotle and alexander
While Aristotle was most certainly a busy man, revolutionizing human thought can be rather time consuming, he still managed to
By Cam Rea Cyrus had already accumulated quite a lot of territory... but that didn’t mean he was done yet.
By. Van Bryan The Parmenides (also known as, “Oh God, please don’t make us read that thing” in most philosophy
By Cam Rea Once Cyrus defeated Astyages, he inherited a new problem... And that problem was the western front.  
By Van Bryan   Most of these anecdotes, though not all of them, come from the pen of the mysterious
Alcibiades vs. Pleasure
By. Van Bryan Socrates is often credited with the quote, “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife,
The early military machine of Cyrus the Great wasn’t what you would think it was... it wasn’t professional by any
By Cam Rea Cyrus the Great or “Cyrus II” was King of Anshan from 559-530 BCE. He was the son