Bust of Aristotle
Before you get too excited, or perhaps frightened, rest assured that we will not be going in to too much
By Ben Potter In a our world where are mainstream sporting heroes are millionaires, prima donnas, sex-offenders, and drug-cheats, the
By Van Bryan Heraclitus was born in Ephesus, an important ancient city located on the Ionian Coast, in about 535
In a break from the norm I shall start this contribution not with a glib remark or unnecessary bit of
As is common with many of the more obscure ancient philosophers, the majority of our knowledge comes from Diogenes Laertius'
artemisia at the battle of Salamis
Queen Artemisia of Caria is mentioned by a handful of ancient Greek writers who would have lived some years after
Ancient form of painting
by Victoria Papale The 5th century BC Greece was a time of change. The region was becoming more unified with
Branch: Epistemology Approach: Pyrrhonism "He lead a life consistent with his doctrine, going out of his way for nothing, taking
10. The Sphinx Known from: The Legend Of Oedipus Confronted by: Oedipus The first creature on our list is the
  by Cam Rea Once the dust cleared at the Battle of Philippi in 42 BCE, the victor Mark Antony