By Ben Potter The Phaedo takes places in 399 BC at the scene of the final days of Socrates’ life.
"Crito, we ought to offer a cock to Asclepius. See to it, and don't forget." - the Last words of
by Anya Leonard Somewhere between the words of Socrates and the thoughts of Plato lies the profound question of what
By Van Bryan I originally thought of this article idea some time ago. I remember standing in the basement of
By Samuel Gren Contributor from Noet, a Classical Wisdom Weekly partner A.N. Whitehead once characterized Western philosophy as “a series
Do you remember a few weeks ago when we had a bit of a discussion on the Platonic dialogue, Gorgias?
  I once had a philosophy professor who told my class, with all the authority and reverence he could muster,
While Plato and Aristotle are often considered to be contrary thinkers, or at the very least they were certainly distinct
If Plato’s ideas on ethics seems a bit hazy to you, then rest assured you’re not alone. There are several
Plato’s The Republic is often, and for good reason, considered the single most important philosophical text of the western world.