By Mary E. Naples, M.A. Did God have a wife? Was a female deity revered alongside the monotheistic Hebrew god,
By Anya Leonard Most people don’t think of the Ancient world when they hear ‘Romania’, despite the obvious name. Modern
Anaximander is often considered to be the first philosopher, at least in some circles. The more popular opinion, which is
As democracy came about in Athens during the 5th century BCE, the city grew into prosperity. With the leadership of
By Ben Potter Regular readers might recall that from time to time we investigate the origins of the novel. So
By Ben Potter While we are usually content to quote Cicero, read poetry, and drink too much wine, this week
1. What Is Thumos? The first thing we should point out is that there is not an exact translation for
By Cam Rea It all started over grazing lands. Lot and Abraham had flocks and herds, but when they came
Last time we left off with Plato’s rather illusive explanation of moral virtue and the process of attaining it. It
Despite popular opinion, screaming at one another is not arguing. Well, at least it’s not what arguing should be. All