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NOTE: IF this Page is still active, your FREE Copy of the Essential Classics comes with a Beautiful 24K Gold-plated Athena Coin!

What too many don’t realize today, and what too few schools or media sources are willing to teach, is that the Classics can be the key to unlocking a richer, fuller life.

Not just in the past, but right now.

Perhaps especially right now.

“Long before our time the customs of our ancestors molded admirable men, in turn these men upheld the ways and institutions of their forebears. Our age, however, inherited the Republic as if it were some beautiful painting of bygone ages, its colors already fading through great antiquity.” – Cicero

When you hear someone wise warn you about the “lessons of history,” this is exactly what they’re talking about. It should be required education.

For too many, it isn’t.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t discover it… use it… and develop that same kind of reputation for “informed leadership.”

In fact, that’s why I want to make this easy for you.

Right now.

By giving you — FREE — 79 of these essential texts in a beautiful 644-page anthology. Yes, at no charge. It’s yours to keep with this invitation.

Why would I give away?

Well, just over 10 years ago, I co-founded an organization called Classical Wisdom, along with Bill Bonner, owner of Agora Publishing.

Bill, like me, has a deep appreciation for the influence and the importance of the Classics.

And, from the beginning, our goal in founding this rather elite society was simple. We want to bring this ancient wisdom to modern minds.

That is, to spread the classics and bring the ancients back to life… and that is why I believe sharing this wisdom now is more urgent then ever…

Your free set, titled The Essential Classics, will go a long way toward fulfilling that mission

Each of the hand-picked original selections you’ll find inside will help you become a more enriched, thoughtful person.

If that’s all we accomplish together today, I’ll consider that worth both my time and yours.

In fact, I’ll go even further, if you let me send you a copy — by following the steps I’ll share with you in just a moment — then this could be the most important choice you’ll make this year.

I genuinely believe that.

However, if you’ve come this far, it’s important that you don’t stop here. Because there’s so much more. Something bigger I hope you’ll agree to be a part of, along with the other elites that we’ve managed to bring together.

Once more, I should explain…

Introducing Classical Wisdom Society

I’m happy to tell you that you appear to us to be an ideal new member of our “Classical Wisdom Society.”

Which is why I’d like to extend an elite invitation to you right now — today — to join our ranks.

What exactly might that entail?

With a Classical Wisdom Society Membership, you will have instant access to a vast repository of classical writings and knowledge. Unlocking this ancient wisdom will help you grow as a person, better equipped to deal with the many challenges of 21st century existence.

Through a Classical Wisdom Society Membership, you’ll learn the lessons of history, giving you greater understanding and insight into our turbulent modern world.

You’ll develop greater perspective, seeing how History repeats itself over and over. And you’ll also gain the ability to better predict future events. You’ll recognize patterns and threads in human behavior that once might have passed you by.

“The study of history is the best medicine for a sick mind; for in history you have a record of the infinite variety of human experience plainly set out for all to see: and in that record you can find for yourself and your country both examples and warnings: fine things to take as models, base things, rotten through and through, to avoid.” ― Livy

To unveil the secrets of the modern world, you first need to unlock the mysteries of the past – and you can with a Classical Wisdom Society Membership!

(And Send Me My FREE Hardback Book… and Gold COIN)


Of course, all the ancient philosophers and historians knew that….

Knowledge Is Power

Don’t Miss The Chance To Grow Your EXPERTISE, Hone Your INTELLECT, And Become Truly WISE

With a Classical Wisdom Society Membership, you can delve into every aspect of the classical period. That includes:

  • Archeology and Architecture
  • Astronomy
  • Culture
  • Dialectics
  • Economics
  • Language
  • Literature
  • Medicine
  • History
  • Mythology
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Sculpture
  • Theater
  • Warfare


The end result of being able to immerse yourself in this vast pool of learning? You will become WISE! (Or at least, WISER…).

When Bill and I chose the name Classical Wisdom it wasn’t an accident.
I wanted to convey the idea that the classical world contained a great deal of wisdom – knowledge and ideas that have stood the test of time and which continue to benefit humanity.

Our mission is to pass this classical wisdom on, enabling people all over the world to learn from it and become wise themselves.

Think about that for a second. In the modern era, how many people have really earned that accolade? How many public figures or celebrities, when you think about them, would you label as ‘wise’?

Politicians? Too few, if any. Supreme Court Justices? Maybe. Social media ‘influencers’? Not likely!

Allow Me to Hand You The
Keys to Classical Wisdom…

Through a Classical Wisdom Society Membership you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to become that all too rare individual: someone who is truly WISE.

As you soak up ancient knowledge and unlock the mysteries of classical writings, you will develop a deep and enduring understanding of the world around you.

The lessons that you learn will help you to succeed and thrive in every aspect of your life. You will be able to apply WISDOM to your actions and choices, employing the knowledge and insights you’ve acquired through immersing yourself in the classics.

In your relationships, in your work, in your studies – the wisdom of the ancient world will show you a path to success. Just ask our subscribers!

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to explore and learn and enrich my brain.”

Carol K.

“I love Classical Wisdom and am grateful for the knowledge and insights I have gained from it.”

Rob B.

“I could not be happier with these readings – it has opened up my mind. I had not thought about so many things like that before and now I feel more equipped to handle everything. More capable of being the person I want to be.”

Alica L.


(And Send Me My FREE Hardback Book… and Gold COIN)


It’s clear what the classics can do for you. But ask yourself, “what can I do for the classics?”

History is Under Attack

Preserving The Legacy Of The Classical Era – With YOUR Help

For ten years, Classical Wisdom has fought hard to preserve and disseminate the knowledge, culture, and traditions of the ancient world. We are world-renowned as experts in our field. When a global publication or news organization needs insight into the classics, they come to us.

The classics are our passion and our mission. To be the guardians of ancient philosophies, history and experiences is a privilege.

But we cannot do it alone. We need YOUR help to ensure that we pass on the mysteries and marvels of antiquity to future generations.

The knowledge that we wish to entrust you with is sacred. It has burned bright for thousands of years.

But there have been times when the flame has faded – and even come close to being extinguished.

The Dark Ages were one such time. As the tribal hordes ravaged Europe, wisdom and learning were no longer valued. Books were burned. Libraries and academies torn down. Scholars massacred.

The ancient knowledge of the classical period came close to being lost – forever.

Thankfully, a handful of learned individuals heroically preserved the legacy of Classical Rome and Ancient Greece – we have a lot to thank them for.

Today, this ancient knowledge is as much under threat as it ever was. And it will take educated, cultured people like YOU to save it, preserving this vital legacy on behalf of humanity.

The Modern World Doesn’t Care About The Classics – But You Should…

This time, the threat to the classics doesn’t come from barbarians at the gate – at least not literally. Instead, classical learning is in danger of being drowned out by all the noise, data and hype of the so-called ‘information age’.

More WORDS are being published every single day than at any other time in history.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. On blogs. On personal websites. In ebooks. On a whole host of online ‘news’ publications.

But how many of these many BILLIONS of words actually contain WISDOM?

Knowledge worth remembering? Wit and insight that will resonate for a thousand years? Cultural and artistic value worth cherishing?

Decide for yourself.

How much of what you read online is actually WORTH your time? Which TV shows that you watch or stream will still be celebrated 20 years from now? How about 2000 years from now?

And amidst all of this idle chatter and forgettable froth, the classics are being ignored.

How many people under the age of 25 have heard of Herodotus? Which social media ‘influencers’ are spreading the wisdom of Socrates? How many Netflix ‘originals’ draw upon the drama and emotion of Sophocles or Euripides?

The depressing truth is that in the USA, and in the rest of the Western world, we have more or less forgotten the classical period.

There are fewer classical studies courses in universities and colleges than ever. Fewer high school students are studying Latin and Greek. Fewer politicians or leaders have had any kind of classical education.

The classics, once the foundation of all Western education, are no longer in vogue. In fact, they are deeply unfashionable.

And if they are forgotten? The loss would be tragic and damaging – a damning indictment of the waning attention span and poor choices of the human race.

So thank the gods that there are still some of us willing to defend the very best parts of our heritage and culture.

I’ve made it my life’s work to preserve the classics. I’m hoping you’ll join me.


Be the One That
“Carries The Light”

By becoming a Classical Wisdom Society Member, YOU can be one of those to take up the torch and preserve the classics for generations to come.

Think of yourself as an Olympian, carrying the sacred, undying flame aloft. A member of an elite fellowship, bound together by a shared love of classical learning.

Is bearing this torch a burden? No. Rather it lights the way, illuminating the world around you, keeping the shadows of ignorance and barbarism at bay.

Not all are worthy, of course. Not everyone can have the sharpness of wit and the breadth of intellect to read and understand the classics. They are full of tricky concepts, intricate vocabulary, and momentous ideas.

To be quite frank, they are beyond the comprehension of average men and women.

But I know that doesn’t apply to you. You are one of the select few who has what it takes to be a custodian of classical wisdom.

By reading this far, you’re already demonstrating a thirst for knowledge and a passion for antiquity.

So I’d like to invite you to join us on our sacred mission, carrying the lessons of the past onwards into the new millennium… and by doing so, achieve Eudaimonia.

By becoming a Classical Wisdom Society Member, you can preserve the classics for the benefit of ALL humankind.

(And Send Me My FREE Hardback Book… and Gold COIN)


Gain Instant Access To A HUGE Resource of Classical Wisdom – History, Philosophy And Mythology, All In One Place!

With a Classical Wisdom Society Membership, you’ll gain instant access to a vast array of resources that are related to the ancient world.

The colossal repository of research and ancient wisdom that we have collected (and continually add to) are available exclusively for our members. You too can soon be part of this elite fellowship!

As a Classical Wisdom Society Member, you’ll be able to enjoy:

Exclusive in-depth articles, available for members ONLY.

The articles on our website are the tip of the iceberg. You’ll have access to a wealth of research and articles from world-renowned classical scholars. There will always be something new for you to read and enjoy!

Submit your own topics, and we will research and write an article for you.

As a member, you are our partner and fellow classicist, and we value your input. If there’s a topic that has always fascinated you, tell us what it is and we’ll research it and turn it into an article. Imagine the satisfaction and pride that comes from knowing you have made an important contribution to classical scholarship!

No Distracting Ads on the Premium site and no advertising on the Classical Wisdom main site.

In order to fund our research and investigations into the classical world, we do use ads on our sites (we consider them a ‘necessary evil’ – a term which itself originates from Ancient Greece). As a Classical Wisdom Society Member, advertising will be gone for good – no more distractions!

Legacy Members get Bi-Monthly eBooks, new fascinating titles that you can download for free!

You’ll have a constant supply of new reading, on a variety of fascinating topics. Recent titles include ‘Money, Gold, and the End of an Empire’, ‘The Heraclean Plays’, and ‘Vita Constantini: The Life of Constantine’.



Exclusive and Valuable Discounts on partner sites, artifacts, gifts, books, and more.

We are part of a network of classicists, historians, collectors and thinkers, and by becoming a Classical Wisdom Society Member, you become part of this elite group. Belonging has many benefits – not least the discounts you’ll be able to get on all kinds of valuable and interesting items.

Access to the Classical Wisdom ebook Library (+30 Titles).

Stuck inside on a rainy day? With access to our ENTIRE back catalog of exclusive ebooks, you can spend many a pleasurable hour reading and researching the classics. Boredom will be a thing of the past!

Legacy Members are welcome to join LIVE Monthly webinars by our guest author experts and have exclusive access to archived webinars.

Our members RAVE about these amazing webinars. Fully interactive, you’ll have the chance to ask world-renowned experts the questions you’ve always wanted answers to. An opportunity that you won’t want to miss!

Exclusive Monthly interviews with Professors around the globe.

Available as podcasts, we interview some of the world’s leading experts and authors, conducting wide ranging discussions about every aspect of the classical world. No-one knows the classics better than these elite academics – and you’ll get the full benefit of their in-depth knowledge.


Contribute and Support our Mission to Preserve and Promote the Classics.

Take up the torch of ancient wisdom and carry it forward for future generations to benefit from. We are totally committed to the preservation and promotion of the classics, and with your help, we can keep the flame of classical learning alight!


And let’s not forget the Jewel in our Crown (or the Laurel in our Wreath)…

Classical Wisdom Litterae Magazine

ALL NEW Monthly e-magazine – Get 12 Issues a Year!

Available for ALL our members, we’ve taken it to the next level to bring you more of all the things you enjoy in a classic magazine format. 
Our monthly Classical Wisdom Litterae Magazine is PACKED with informative articles, in-depth features, and rich images.


  • You’ll love the glossy, high-resolution images and quality writing.
  • Travel back in time and get to know the ancient players – they’ll soon feel like old friends.
  • We interview notable authors and experts – find out what ancient wisdom they’re uncovering right now
  • Delve into fascinating topics from the Ancient World – from Mathematics to Mercenaries…
  • Enjoy engaging articles on philosophy, art, history, mythology and more!
  • Feast like a Roman emperor! Or break bread in a humble village kitchen. Get surprising and tasty ancient recipes
  • Tons of exclusive content you won’t see on the website.
  • Get that fantastic feeling of enjoying a good magazine at your leisure.


Want to see for yourself?
Have a copy of Classical Wisdom Litterae on me – Absolutely free!

[Get Your Free Copy HERE]


More than 21,000 lovers of the classics from around the world are now Classical Wisdom Society Members.
Do you have what it takes to join this elite circle of cultured global citizens?

Every day, I get email and letters from our members, singing the praises of what we do. Here’s what just a small selection of them have to say about the many benefits of being Classical Wisdom Society Members:

“I can write highly enough about this publication! It’s a really wonderful way to learn more about the time period of Rome and the ancient Greeks.”

Marie E.

“I can’t wait to begin to discuss these ideas! I just LOVE reading all the articles! Thank you for allowing me to take in and absorb all this marvelous information!

Andrew A.

“It has become part of my required reading and I have learned so much from the wealth of information that the site provides. The bright minds and voices behind it are very familiar to me and speak my language.”

John L.

“I look forward to checking what Classical Wisdom is offering each day. Thank you for the quality ebooks, articles, and additional information that Classical Wisdom provides to its subscribers.”

Dr. Michael R.

“Thanks for all you’re doing spreading enlightenment and wisdom, indeed the world needs all it can get right now.”


Knowledge Is Most Valuable When It’s Shared. So When You Sign Up To Your Classical Wisdom Society Membership I’ll GIVE You A Phalanx Of FREE Gifts – Yours To Keep Forever

#1: $30 FREE EBOOK: The Essential Classics ebook


I’ll send you your free copy of The Essential Classics right away via email. This 644 page epic contains the choicest picks of the Ancient Greek and Roman texts.

  • You’ll find ancient wisdom aplenty in the influential teachings of Plato, considered by some to be the wisest man ever to have lived.
  • You’ll gain valuable perspective from the writings of Herodotus, the world’s first true historian.
  • And you’ll be able to enjoy and reflect on the writings  of 30 more Classical Greek and Latin authors, from Aristotle and Aesop to Xenophon and Tacitus.

The Essential Classics is a true blockbuster of classical wisdom and ancient knowledge, and you’ll be given it for FREE when you sign up with us for just one year.

#2: $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Final Days of Socrates


You’ll also receive a free digital copy of The Final Days of Socrates.

Relive the final days of The Father of Western philosophy, put on trial for his life. Socrates is accused of impiety and of corrupting the youth of Athens.

The punishment? Death by poisoning…

“All of philosophy is training for death” – Socrates

Enjoy three of Plato’s masterpieces on the subject of the tragic death of his idol, mentor, and teacher – The Apology, The Crito, and The Phaedo – all contained in one fascinating ebook.

You’ll get it for free with your Classical Wisdom Society Membership.

#3: $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Epics Collection


Delve into the world of the Ancients with the most epic poetry to have ever been written.

Including ALL THREE of the essential Ancient stories, the Epics Collection ebook includes Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as well as Virgil’s Aeneid.

This one book includes 450 pages of some of the most important and beautiful stories ever written. Prepare to expand your mind and to have your breath taken away!

And remember, it’s FREE when you sign up to your Classical Wisdom Society Membership.

#4: $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Greco-Persian Wars

greco wars

War has come. The superpower of the ancient world, The Persian Empire, has set its sights westward on the Greek lands. The city-states of Greece, knowing they cannot stand against the Persians alone, band together in an impromptu alliance…

Will liberty prevail, or will tyranny have its day?

Any fan of ancient military history will find themselves right at home with Herodotus’ Histories.

Enjoy commentary and introductions from the staff of Classical Wisdom alongside the original text in the ultimate historian’s ebook – FREE with your Classical Wisdom Society Membership.

#5: $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK:The Eros Collection


The classical authors had plenty to say about love.

Homer, claimed that it was the love Odysseus felt for his wife which allowed him to triumph over so many obstacles. 

Plato writes on the origins and functions of love in The Symposium“love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.

The Eros Collection contains an absolute treasure trove of classical love stories from the ancient world, all collected in one place. It will enrich your understanding what it means to love and be loved – the very fundamentals of human existence.

And remember, this ebook is absolutely free when you become a Classical Wisdom Society Member.

#6: Monthly issues of Classical Wisdom Litterae Magazine

And of course, you’ll receive a yearly subscription to our flagship magazine, Classical Wisdom Litterae, emailed directly to your inbox.

Also, to make this a “no-brainer,” I’ve done something even better to sweeten the deal for you…

For a short time only, we are accepting new “Legacy Members” into the Classical Wisdom Society. These spots are limited, and will likely go fast…There are plenty of people out there who’ll want to be part of the true elite.

As a Legacy Member, you will receive (on top of everything I’ve already mentioned):


EC book

A beautiful, hardback book will arrive on your doorstep, a perfect addition to any library or office.

A rare edition, this 644 page book published in Paris normally retails for over $200. This stunning anthology – collecting all the greatest Greek and Roman texts in one spot – alone makes the Legacy Member option a steal.


Also included is our brand new Audio Library – to which Legacy Members have exclusive access.

You can download and listen to the Classical Wisdom Podcasts, exploring all the history and literature of the classical age. Your guides will be eminent scholars – the most respected names in history, philosophy and the classics – from around the globe.

With a Classical Wisdom Society Legacy Membership, you’ll be able to enjoy a trip back in time to ancient Greece or Rome wherever you are.


Legacy Members receive free access to upcoming Classical Wisdom events. As space is limited, you’ll still need to reserve a space to ensure their spot. But you won’t need to purchase a ticket.

Our events are a unique opportunity to mingle with your fellow classical enthusiasts – a cultured, sophisticated fellowship of brilliant people. You’ll fit right in!

And For those who Act Fast…

#10: An Exclusive 24K Gold Ancient Greek Coin

We still have a few gold coins left – so those who sign up first will also receive a 24K gold-plated, museum quality replica Attica Athena’s/ Owl coin (22mm, 8-14 grams weight) crafted with precision and care in the heart of Greece.

Made to the exact specifications of a classical Athenian drachma circa 475-465 BC, these coins would have been in mass circulation during the height of the classical age.

This a beautiful piece of memorabilia, fit to be the centerpiece of any collection. Hurry though – I have only 10 left to give away, and I know there is a LOT of interest in our Legacy Memberships!


The Legacy Member Offer Is A STEAL – But It Won’t Be Available Forever

With a limited number of books and coins, the chance to become a Classical Wisdom Legacy Member will only be on offer for a short period of time

Join today – you’ll certainly be getting your money’s worth. All included, this option is worth a total of $624 and will only cost you $199.95.

You read that right. You can join our premium Legacy membership for only $199.95

As well as all the great gifts you’ll get, becoming a Classical Wisdom Legacy Member is also risk free. I promise:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed –
Or Your Money Back

If you decide that your Classical Wisdom Society Membership isn’t something you need, you can ask for a FULL refund within 30-days of your purchase with our cast-iron warranty.

And here’s the best part…

Whether you decide to stay with us… or decide to cut your trial period short, you can keep all of the bonuses and gifts I’ve given you!

Let me repeat that. You’ll be able to KEEP your $445 dollars worth of gifts!

Is it worth trying out?

I’ll let you decide.

To get started today, simply Sign up below.

Don’t delay. Get started today by becoming a Classical Wisdom Society Legacy Member below.


Anya Leonard

Founder and Director

Classical Wisdom

Don’t Delay! Become A Classical Wisdom Society Member Today Getting Immediate Access To The Many Wonders Of The Classical World

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back


Become A Classical Wisdom Society Legacy Member Here:

Sign up now to receive your FREE Hardback 644 page Anthology, The Essential Classics… and a 24K Gold-plated Athena Owl Genuine Replica Coin – Crafted in Greece!



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