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The Essential Classics Course with Hardback Book


Classical Wisdom is proud to announce its Essential Classics Course, an introduction into the ancient world and Greco-Roman Literature – now open to Everyone!

Previously available exclusively for educators and students, the Essential Classics Course includes a thorough and considered curriculum and course materials created by our dedicated team of classicists to accompany The Essential Classics textbook.

Already have the hardback book? Or happy with a PDF? Check out our COURSE ONLY Option HERE!


The course covers the most important works of literature from the classical world, from Homer to Marcus Aurelius, along with discussion points, reading selections, assessment recommendations and additional materials.

At the heart of the course is the Essential Classics, the perfect textbook for discovering the world of ancient Greece and Rome.

The Essential Classics has everything for a strong foundation in the Classics. For example, students will be able to read…

    • Important selections from the epic Poet, Homer, including the revenge of Achilles as he stalks the plains of Troy within The Iliad, the trials of Odysseus as he faces down monsters, witches, and gods in pursuit of his homecoming within the epic, The Odyssey


    • The three Tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, thought provoking moments from their prize-winning plays such as Oedipus Rex, Agamemnon, Medea, and more, all originally performed at the height of classical theater in ancient Athens


    • The great philosopher Plato’s most essential dialogues and writings, from his description of the Philosopher King to his theories on Atlantis


    • Stoic Philosophy, a perspective on living life with less stress and more meaning, with writings from Epictetus and the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius


    • Ancient Greek and Roman Historians, primary source materials that shed light on life 2,000 years ago as well as the wars and political strife that rocked the classical world and brought empires to their knees

Those are just a sampling of the 79 essential texts found within this stunning 644 page edition


The Essential Classics Hardback Anthology

From the epic stories of Homer to the philosophical insights of Marcus Aurelius, The Essential Classics is a bountiful anthology of one thousand years of Greek and Roman literature. It is a treasure trove of familiar masterworks by such visionaries as Sophocles, Aristotle, and Cicero.

Compiled and annotated by the prestigious publishing French publishing house, Les Belles Lettres, The Essential Classics includes biographical sketches which reveal the colorful lives of each author and lucid commentaries that guide the reader through the intricacies of the texts.

This collection further preserves the translations made by prominent American and British scholars now considered classic works in their own right. The volume also contains three maps, a chronological chart of the ancient world, and a table of Greek gods and their Roman equivalents.

The Essential Classics covers the greatest Ancient Greek and Latin texts all compiled in one convenient location. The anthology is perfectly complimented with the curriculum and additional materials resulting in an inspiring and thoughtful course.


The Essential Classics Course Curriculum

From a student’s perspective, the Essential Classics Course is an excellent gateway into the ancient world for the entirely uninitiated. It is also a helpful refresher course for those coming back to the Classics after a long hiatus.

As the scope of the course is extremely broad (with excerpts from 32 different ancient sources in total) it is also a good chance for any budding classicist to fill in some gaps in their knowledge. Due to the course’s breadth, any student with a general interest in philosophy, history, theater, poetry, or literature would be well-served to seriously consider this course.

From the perspective of the teacher/tutor/professor, this syllabus has the dual advantages of being both oven-ready and entirely flexible. It is designed so that any teacher can pick up this syllabus and, having given it a quick once over, be able to go into class and start covering the material.

Here is a sneak peek:

However, there is also a large amount of built-in flexibility. Time-frames, topics, assessment, and class participation can all be changed at the course organizer’s needs. This is designed to play to the expertise, time-restraints, and interest of both course organizer and student.

For example, the Units cover topics such as….

    • The geography, deities and key events from the ancient World


    • The culture-defining poets, the ‘bibles’ of ancient Greece and Rome


    • The Fables, Allegories, Pastorals and Odes of the Greek and Roman poets.


    • Fifth-century Athenian Tragedy and Greek and Roman Theatrical Comedy


    • The Greek and Roman Historians



“Essential Classics is a gem. Beautiful book, beautifully edited.” – Stephanie Kubiak, Long Island, New York

“Essential Classics” is a beautiful book, in every sense. The first thing one notices about this book is its exceptionally fine feel. The volume is published on heavy stock, acid-free paper and in a binding that will last forever, or at least until the end of the world. Long enough for our mortal purposes, I suppose. The tomes on the shelves of the Great Library at Alexandria should have been as well crafted.” – Byron King, Philadelphia, PA

The Essential Classics is the perfect gateway course to a life of learning and understanding the foundational lessons of western society. It would be impossible to overstate its importance.” – Joel Bowman, Houston, Texas


Get the Essential Classics Course Today!

Due to the quality of this first edition anthology, the Essential Classics hardback alone usually retails for over $249.

However you can purchase the Essential Classics Course -including the textbook- for only $149.95.

Plus FREE Shipping!

That includes:

  • The hardback edition of The Essential Classics with maps, introductions and biographies
  • the extensive curriculum covering the poets, the tragedians, the historians as well as the philosophers
  • AND full access to the additional course materials, such as PDFs, E-books and more!


Teachers who are interested in providing a discounted price for the text book are free to contact us directly to make the necessary arrangements.

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The Essential Classics Course with Hardback Book
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