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The World’s Leading Thinkers… On Stage Together for the First Time Ever… to Discuss the Most Critical Theme of All…


It’s no secret: nothing lasts forever
Empires… nations… entire civilizations have come… and gone. 
History is full of valuable lessons that can help guide us into the unknown future, that can provide us with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions for ourselves, our families and our loved ones.
And now, here in 2021, we stand at the precipice.
Over the past year, we’ve witnessed events unprecedented in modern history…
A deadly plague… global lockdowns… massive civil unrest… growing political division… even calls to “cancel history”.
With all that’s going on around us, you might well be wondering…
How does it all end? 
With a whimper, as T.S. Eliot imagined… or a bang? 
Insights into our future are best found by properly understanding our past…
Which is why we at Classical Wisdom have gathered together – for the first time ever – some of the world’s leading intellectuals, including:
  • New York Times best-selling authors 
  • BBC documentary makers
  • Professors from the most prestigious academies in the US, the UK and Europe
  • And more…
To help us understand the most important questions facing us today. 
We believe that, through studying the events that led us to where we are today, we are better equipped to deal with our current challenges… and may even hope to better prepare for what lies in store for us all tomorrow…
With the world gradually recovering from the events of the past year, some nations are bound to thrive… while others will do well just to survive. 
What happens when great nations fall, when empires inevitably end? Where will you be? 
And how can you prepare for the day when history becomes reality?
Join us, Dear Reader, to discuss all this and more, at: 

Join Niall Ferguson… Victor Davis Hanson… Edith Hall… Paul Cartledge… Barry Strauss… Helen Foley… Donald Robertson…

…and a host of special guests as they appear together for the first time ever at Classical Wisdom’s 2021 Worldwide Symposium


Where will you be? What happens when great nations fall, when empires inevitably end? And how can you prepare for the day when history becomes reality?

Join us to discuss all this and more at the online Classical Wisdom 2021 Symposium… all from the comfort of your own home.

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This being a true Symposium (or as close as we could make it), the Bonner Private Wine Partnership has partnered with Classical Wisdom to provide a selection of the finest wines for you to enjoy… and while our wine offer has closed, all participants will receive recommended wine pairings to help get into the spirit of the event.

The best thing about a virtual event is that every participant will receive recordings of each segment of the event. You can watch the material as many times as you want — so don’t worry if you need to step away to answer the phone! This material will be yours to watch and watch again.

Here’s How It All Works

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Connecting To The Event
We will use Zoom for the two day event. After you register you will be sent a private link to the event the day before we begin, as well as periodic reminders leading up to the weekend. Once the virtual event goes live on August 21st, your personal link will go live. Just click it to join! 
Schedule of Speakers & Discussions
The Symposium will take place over two days. Each day we will have presentations by our speakers. We’ll take a break, then return for a few more lectures. Later, we’ll have our wine tasting, followed by our panel discussions, which you are encouraged to participate in.
— (All times Eastern Daylight/ New York Time) —

Saturday August 21, 2021

  • 10:30am Edith Hall | Ozymandias in the 21st century
  • 11:30am Paul Cartledge | Thebes: the forgotten city of ancient Greece
  • 1:00pm Victor Davis Hanson | Why did the Free City State Disappear?
  • 2:00pm Niall Ferguson | DOOM: The Politics of Catastrophe in the Ancient and Modern Worlds.
  • 3:30pm Angie Hobbs | Decline and Fall: Plato on the Collapse of Empires and States.
  • 4:30pm Aaron Smith | Philosophic Ideals and the Fate of a Nation
  • 5:30pm LIVE: Wine Tasting | Bonner Private Wine Club
  • 6:00pm LIVE PANEL: Do States and Empires Die Differently? And what can their deaths teach us today? with Niall Ferguson, Angie Hobbs and James Hankins. Moderated by Jack Visnjic of Ancient Greece Declassified.

Sunday August 22, 2021

  • 10:30am Stephan Dando-Collins | Cyrus the Great and the Persian Empire
  • 11:30am Donald Robertson | Stoicism and the Imperial Rule of Marcus Aurelius
  • 1:00pm Mary Naples | Cleopatra: Twilight of an Empire
  • 2:00pm Helene Foley | The Evolution of the Divine Empire
  • 3:30pm Barry Strauss | How Caesar Ruined a Republic and Started an Empire
  • 4:30pm Michael Fontaine | Decline and Last Call: Drinking in the End of Days
  • 5:30pm LIVE: Wine Tasting | Bonner Private Wine Club
  • 6:00pm LIVE PANEL: What control do we have over the End of Empires? And how can we prepare for their inevitable fall? With A.A. Long, Donald Robertson and William B. Irvine. Moderated by Ben Potter of Classical Wisdom.
*Schedule may be subject to change
And remember: all the materials from our Symposium are yours to keep at no extra cost!
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