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Megalesia: Rome’s Shocking Religious Festival

Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Religious festivals played a very important role in Rome and one of the most remarkable was the Megalesia, which was celebrated in the Republican and Imperial era. Dedicated to a goddess known as Magna Mater (Latin, literally ‘great mother’), the event was to many a shocking affair

What Newly-Found 2,000-Year-Old Celtic Coins Tell Us About Boudica

Written by Tom G. Hamilton, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom As of this writing, news of the largest hoard of early Roman-era Celtic gold coins ever found— unearthed by a bird-watcher in Britain—are making headlines. The coins are reported to be Boudica-era gold “stater” Iceni coins. There is an understandable excitement all across the land, the

Roman Greece: Partner in Empire

Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Greece was dominated by the Roman Empire for many centuries. The Greeks and the Romans had a complicated relationship. Roman Greece played a critical role in the culture of Rome and Classical culture, laying the basis for the Byzantine Empire. The Origins of Roman Greece Roman influence

Memento Mori in the Ancient World

Written by Titus, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Almost every civilization and religion has been conscious of the inevitability of death. While it may sound terrifying, it is an eventual reality. No one comes out of life alive. Memento mori is a Latin phrase that roughly translates as “remember that you die.” It originated in the

SPQR: A Symbol of Rome

By Edward Whelan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom We have all come across the abbreviation or emblem SPQR, in books, museums, and monuments. Did you ever wonder what it meant? SPQR is an abbreviation for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus. These words became a symbol of Rome and the Roman people. While they are well-known even today, very