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Roman Greece: Partner in Empire

Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Greece was dominated by the Roman Empire for many centuries. The Greeks and the Romans had a complicated relationship. Roman Greece played a critical role in the culture of Rome and Classical culture, laying the basis for the Byzantine Empire. The Origins of Roman Greece Roman influence

The Eastern Roman Empire’s Legacy to Astronomy

By Monica Correa, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Decades ago, the word “Byzantine” was used as a synonym for corruption and decadence, however, the period between 395 and 1453 was also one of great scientific progress. Byzantium, later renamed Constantinople in honor of its founder, Constantine, was a land where Latin, Greek, Islamic and Jewish traditions

Theodora The Great: From Mistress to Monarch

By Mary Naples One of the most influential and powerful empresses of late antiquity, Theodora’s (c 497-548) life reads like a melodrama where she plays many roles: actress, prostitute, empress and posthumously, saint. Yet in an era not known for social mobility, how did a humble actress-prostitute rise to the highest office of the land?