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Stoicism and Buddhism: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

by Andrew Rattray If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll have noticed the bookshelves of your local store positively groaning with all manner of self-help books; stylish tomes offering a route to peacefulness and serenity. It’s no surprise that the pressures of our modern life, particularly stressed by the ongoing difficulties of the pandemic,

Zeno of Citium (332-265 BCE)

Branch: Ethics Approach: Stoicism “Happiness is a good flow of life” Zeno of Citium was born around 332 BCE, some 10 years after the death of Aristotle. A quiet man who had no desire for dramatic lectures or elaborate festivities, he would become known as the father of Stoicism and lay the foundations for later stoics, including the

Diogenes of Sinope and the Modern Cynics

Diogenes of Sinope is often considered one of the more eccentric, or at the very least untraditional, of the ancient Greek philosophers. He is credited as being one of the founders of cynicism and practiced these ideals through the eccentricities that filled his life. It was his belief that all artificial growths of society, such