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Aristotle and the chatbot

Written by Justin Osborne, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Whenever you surf the Internet, you‘re likely to bump into chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI). They serve all sorts of purposes: to provide website guidance, pinpoint products, answer your questions, and much more. Chatbots are reportedly capable of answering 80% of standard questions. Research shows that

Healthy Skepticism for Better Debates

By Jacob Bell, Associate Editor, Classical Wisdom One would have thought that in this age of information, logical fallacies would cease to exist. But, amazingly, the exact opposite has happened despite our incredible access to information. After all, we can open up an internet browser and within a few minutes we have thousands of pages

How To Argue Like A Philosopher

Despite popular opinion, screaming at one another is not arguing. Well, at least it’s not what arguing should be. All of the talking heads and political pundits you see on the television may claim to be “engaging in a civilized discourse,” but they’re not. Arguing is not meant to be a shouting match where the