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Should the Classics be used for Nationalism?

Today we will begin with an excellent query as posited by one of your fellow readers, Inês from Portugal:  “Hello Classical Wisdom! Happy new year!  I’m a huge fan of your work and all things of the classics. I’ve been attending your webinars and I think that a great theme for discussion would be “The

How to Be a Citizen of the World

Written by Alex Barrientos, Associate Editor, Classical Wisdom The term ‘cosmopolitan’ is derived from the Greek kosmou politês, which roughly translates to ‘world citizen.’  The notion of what it means to be a cosmopolitan was probably best expressed in a response often attributed to Diogenes the Cynic who, when asked where he came from, responded,

Can History Incite HATE? Should it be Censored?

***The Dialectics is an exciting new section of Classical Wisdom. Taken from our weekly newsletters, it delves into the discourses our Classical Wisdom community is having about ancient and modern topics. The idea is to use our knowledge of the ancient world, as well as the logical and philosophical methods at our disposal to investigate

Athens First

By Van Bryan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Recently, your editor asked a question… Is nationalism “good”? How interesting, we thought to ourselves. Immediately, hand went to chin. We furrowed our eyebrows in earnest ponderance. Some questions stay with you, dear reader. Like a sore on the roof of your mouth that would go away if