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What Makes you YOU? The Paradox of Theseus’s Ship

It’s one of the oldest concepts in Western Philosophy. Heraclitus wrote about it. So did Plato… But perhaps the most eloquent explanation of this timeless thought experiment was accomplished by the historian, biographer and essayist, Plutarch. He did so with the help of the Greek hero Theseus and his famous ship. The concept goes like

Zeno, Paradox, and Contemporary Confusion

By Jacob Bell, Associate Editor, Classical Wisdom Zeno of Elea constructed several arguments that result in absurdity. They are paradoxical, contradicting, and just plain-strange. Oh, and did I mention that they are logically consistent, too? One such paradox, perhaps the most well-known, is called the Achilles Paradox. Achilles was thought to be the fastest runner