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What is the SOUL?

The weather changed, quite suddenly, over the weekend. Perhaps it did for you too, dear reader, it is that time of year after all. Here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, however, it meant the end of the searing summer.  And it was a very welcome change.  The oppressive humidity was replaced with pleasant sunshine, laced with

Aristotle’s Soul ‘Psyches’ and How to Understand Them

Written by Emma Coffinet, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom From the meaning of life to the art of politics and the nature of friendship itself, the iconic Greek philosopher Aristotle imparted much wisdom. So much of the great man’s work, penned over two thousand years ago, remains relevant, interesting, and inspiring to this day. Countless texts

Homer and the Soul

by A.P. David There is no ‘soul’ in Homer. The Ancient Greek ψυχή  is usually translated as ‘soul’. The Ancient Greeks, however, never asked the question, ‘does the ψυχή exist?’ And when you really think about it, we don’t have such a question nowadays either.  It amounts to asking ‘does life exist?’ not ‘does the