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The Arche: Elements of Life in Early Greek Philosophy

by Zoe Grabow It’s one of the earliest concepts in Greek philosophy. The arche was first conceived of over 2,500 years ago. While it is hardly scientific, it is still relevant to how we perceive our existence today. It is an elemental life force from which all things emerge, and essentially early philosophy’s answer to

Seven Sages of Ancient Greece

by Ed Whelan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The seven sages of Ancient Greece were seven wise men who lived in the Archaic Period (6-7th century BC). They were thinkers, rulers and statesmen. Their wisdom was revered in the ancient world, offered practical advice, and also influenced the development of the Golden Age of the Classical

Thales of Miletus and the Birth of Western Philosophy

Living sometime between the 8th and 6th century BCE, Thales of Miletus is often considered one of the very first of the Greek philosophers. It was Thales who initially attempted to decipher the world without reference to mythology, and he was impressively influential in this respect. Indeed, almost every pre-Socratic philosopher followed his thinking as

Thales of Miletus (624-546 BCE)

   Branch: Metaphysics Approach: Monism “Hope is the only good that is common to all men; those who have nothing else possess hope still” Thales of Miletus is often credited with being the first of the Greek philosophers. He was born around 624 BCE and lived on the Greek peninsula of Miletus. Little is known about

Pythagoras and the Revolution of Mathematics

While Pythagoras has become known as one of the first revolutionaries in the field of philosophy and mathematics, surprisingly little is known about him, as he kept no writings of his own. All that we have learned about Pythagoras and his teachings has come to us indirectly through the writings of others. What we do