Artemisia I of Caria

Artemisia IRather than passively ruling or perhaps even surrendering control, she exercised a spirit for adventure and a penchant for warfareHerodotus writes about her in a tone that could be considered to be one of admiration…
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ThemistoclesThe Greek historian Herodotus as well as the Roman essayist,Plutarch, wrote extensively about the life and achievements of Themistocles. The first interesting thing about Themistocles was that he was not born into wealth.
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Bust of PericlesPericles was an Athenian general and statesman who  rose to prominence during the golden age of Athens and would remain the most influential man in Athenian politics for several decades.
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Marcus Aurelius

Wisdom-of-marcus-aureliusA man who was granted power, he was never consumed by it. A man of blameless character and humble attitude, he is often remembered as a good man and a wise leader.
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