Classical Wisdom Litterae - November 2020

It probably doesn’t seem like that obvious of a theme. After all, when one imagines the ancient world, paint is not what first springs to mind. The popular misconception, instead, is a world white washed and pristine. The crumbling marble that was once carved into columns, characters and all sorts of stunning creations still stand today atop rocky outcrops and on display in museums the world over... but their presence, in many ways, is misleading. They show us the shapes, but not the colors of ancient Greece and Rome. Indeed, in their own time the temples and statues looked quite different. Brilliant hues once brung their solid forms to life. And while sadly most of these pigments have worn off and vanished with the passing of thousands of years, there are a few exceptions, stunning examples, of ancient color. Whether they were preserved by the harshest, driest sands of Egypt or safeguarded by time’s cruel affliction with volcanic ash...or even kept alive by *hopefully* faithful renditions, ancient paint opens up a luminous window into the history of the western world. So enjoy this beautiful Classical Wisdom Litterae issue and learn about the painters, the paintings, and the real life people of the classical era. Anya Leonard Founder and Project Director Classical Wisdom II