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Is it Good to Know You Know Nothing?

It’s called the Imposter Syndrome and it’s usually touted about by life coaches to reassure the doubtful. For those who are prone to question their abilities, to feel as if they are actually an imposter rather than the expert they are portrayed as, this label can assuage their fears.  You are fully capable, they confirm,

Stoic Essay Competition: Winner!

Earlier this year we launched our inaugural Stoic Essay competition… and today I’m excited to announce the winner!  We asked how Stoicism can help in our modern lives and were fortunate to have Donald Robertson, renowned Stoic and author of “How to Think Like a Roman Emperor“, judge our submissions.  I’d like to officially congratulate Lia

Why Do We Celebrate the Holidays?

It’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit here.  There are no Christmas carols playing in the shops. It is impossible to find a live Christmas tree. Decorations are rare and there isn’t much point putting up lights when it gets dark so late.  On top of all that, it’s stinking hot. Who would want

Does Race Exist?

Well, I will certainly delve into controversial waters today dear reader. I do think it’s important though, perhaps especially because it’s so hard to discuss.  The concept of “Race” as a human categorization is all the rage. It’s something that filters the media, the arts, permeates our culture and is seen to affect our work,

Is There Value in the VAGUE?

We definitely don’t appreciate it in our modern world.  Being vague is considered a negative. It is someone lacking confidence, knowledge, and focus. From the courtroom or the boardroom, the absence of certainty is detrimental.   In our increasingly specific, niche and overly analytical lives, all we do is try to be more precise.  Maybe we

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