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Do we need Stereotypes? Do they have value?

It was just last week my husband and I went out for a nice French meal to celebrate our anniversary. Sitting outside on a quaint corner in “Palermo Soho”, we couldn’t help but notice the couple next to us. Clad in a tight black shirt, cigarette causally in hand, the young, good looking man reached

Is SACRIFICE Inherently Good?

This last weekend almost one third* of the world’s population celebrated Christ’s offering of himself on the crucifixion, as well as his subsequent resurrection. No doubt a moment of deep reflection on the meaning and purpose of sacrifice. *Not including orthodox Christians, simply because they celebrate according to the Julian calendar rather than Gregorian calendar…

What Controls What? The Mind-Body Problem

Last week’s discussion on ‘where does Evil come from?’ started off simple enough… or at least I thought so. But before I knew it, we were knee deep into an ancient philosophical issue. One I had not anticipated wading into… but perhaps with hindsight was impossible to avoid. I’m talking about the old mind-body problem.

Does Evil Exist?

South Africa’s most famous serial killer hunter – and former Classical Wisdom webinar speaker – Micki Pistorius has spent a lot of time with murderers. Not people who have caused accidental deaths or impassioned manslaughter, but some of the most horrible men -and women- alive. She has been face to face with individuals who have

Should we glorify Caesar? And those like him?

Beware the Ides of March! Today is always a big day in the world of ancient history lovers, because traditionally it marks the anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman general, Consul, statesman, and notable author of Latin prose. He was both a conquering hero… and

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