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How Do We Assess Risk?

It’s hard to accept. We don’t live in a risk free world. Not now, not ever. How risk averse we are, however, differs wildly. In many places the world over, children pile up on or in the back of bikes, trucks, and taxis with nary a care in the world. Seatbelts? What are those? Heads

Do We Need Controversy?

The anger! The fury! The wrath! I shouldn’t have let it get to me. After all, the rule in the newsletter biz is that if you don’t get a little bit of hate mail from time to time, you aren’t doing it right. No ruffled feathers means you are playing it too safe. Ostensibly this

Can We Make Comparisons with History?

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,” as Mark Twain is reputed to have said. This nifty aphorism neatly explains why there’s often a compelling urge to compare whatever we are going through with ancient examples…. For better or for worse. Wait a minute, I hear you cry… isn’t this Classical Wisdom? Your whole

How do we know what’s TRUE?

It looked like we were on a popular game show… but then again, it was a surprise birthday pub quiz zoom party… so I guess we sort of were? After your editor won for all intents and purposes (my only real rival wrote one round of questions), the conversation, like all others happening the globe

New Podcast Launched: Classical Wisdom Speaks

We are very happy to announce that after many months, we have finally launched our new FREE Podcast: Classical Wisdom Speaks! Dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to modern minds, Classical Wisdom Speaks covers our ‘Monday Mailbag’ topics, including reader responses, as well as interviews with professors, authors, and philosophers. The first three episodes are up!

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