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Is Karma REAL?

History is replete with examples of those getting what they deserve… as well as those who do not. Living in a land where so many Nazis fled is proof enough. One of the main organizers of the ‘final solution,’ Adolf Eichman was kidnapped from a well-to-do neighborhood and shipped to Israel for trial. Meanwhile the

What have we learned in 2020? And how do we plan for 2021?

I’m always a big fan of liminality. For those unfamiliar with the word, it is an anthropological term, coming from the Latin word līmen, meaning “a threshold”. The concept is easy enough to grasp; it’s that strange moment in between two boundaries, the transition between one stage and another. It’s a point of ritual, a

How Can We Know Ourselves?

“Know Thyself” From the Greek γνῶθι σεαυτόν to the Latin nosce te ipsum or temet nosce…. You probably recognize the saying… Especially if you watched this weekend’s Classical Wisdom webinar on the Delphic Oracle. These two words have had a profound impact on history, philosophy and the development of wisdom itself. Arguably the most famous

Should We Keep Traditions?

“My father’s family were all German jews… my mother’s Russian. So, they are definitely both jewish! Ashkenazis…But we aren’t really that jewish.” A confused look from across the socially distanced picnic blankets -under an ironically decorative menorah at the German plaza here in Buenos Aires- prompted a further explanation. His pretty new blond wife chimed

How do you handle SLANDER?

In the ancient Greek world, they cared about what others thought of them… really cared. In fact, there was a term for it: Kleos. Kleos is often translated to “renown”, or “glory”, but this interpretation misrepresents this essential and insightful term. Kleos is actually related to the word “to hear” and carries the implied meaning

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