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Beware the Ides of March

“Beware the Ides of March.” You may here that phrase today because the 15th of March is referred to as the ‘Ides of March’ and marks the anniversary of the assassination of Julius Ceasar in 44 BC. Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman general, Consul, statesman, and notable author of Latin prose. He was both

It’s Pi Time!

The history of pie is both storied and interesting in and of itself. Did you know, for instance, that the Ancient Greeks are thought to have originated the pie pastry, as can be seen in Aristophanes’ plays (5th century BC), where there are mentions of sweetmeats including small pastries filled with fruit? Neither did I

Thucydides: Scientific Historian and Political Realist

By Ben Potter 424 BC: Seven raging years after the start of the Peloponnesian War. Seven years of Greek on Greek, sword on sword, blood on blood. Seven years which have brought pain and pride to Spartans and Athenians alike. Now is the time for a great man to come to the fore, to turn

The Lost Poetess

Classical Wisdom‘s First ever Webinar, The Lost Poetess, is available for a limited time. Click below to register and watch for free. The Lost Poetess by Anya Leonard, Co-Founder of Classical Wisdom Who was the Lost Poetess? Considered equal to Homer and praised by Plato (who didn’t even like poetry!), this ancient poet has almost

The Theory of Recollection: Immortal Soul Required

By Ben Potter The Phaedo takes places in 399 BC at the scene of the final days of Socrates’ life. The dialogue is primarily an argument for the immortality of the soul that Socrates is trying to convince his grief-ridden colleagues, and maybe indeed himself, of in order to prove that his execution is merely

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