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What is it to be Happy?

Time to stretch out the old noggin today, dear reader. We’ve got a philosophical inquiry on our hands proposed by our senior editor Alex Barrientos… one that I think we can all agree is probably the most important question we can ask. As such, I’ll get straight into it. “As for a topic I’d like

Do We NEED Pain? Is Suffering Essential for Understanding?

‘Gain a child, lose a tooth’ After childbirth, obviously, and a few bad stints of food poisoning in Thailand… and Mexico… and northern Brazil, it was definitely the next most painful experience in my life. The old wives tale (which has subsequently been proved true – and part of my theory on why Aristotle thought

Lessons on Racism from the Ancient World

In lieu of our normal monday mailbag, I’d like to discuss Racism…and what the ancient world can teach us about this extremely important issue. Now, I wasn’t certain if I should say anything about it or not. I’m currently trapped in the world’s longest lockdown, the new epicenter where pandemics haven’t yet become passé. Down

Why Do We Seek Equality?

At first glance, it may appear to be one of the biggest differences between the ancient world and now. Back then, they didn’t even aim for grand notions like ‘equality’, right? Of course, ‘inequality’ in ancient Greece and Rome looked a lot different from what we think of today. A slave, for instance, could be

How Do We Assess Risk?

It’s hard to accept. We don’t live in a risk free world. Not now, not ever. How risk averse we are, however, differs wildly. In many places the world over, children pile up on or in the back of bikes, trucks, and taxis with nary a care in the world. Seatbelts? What are those? Heads

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