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What Happened to Classical Wisdom? 

You may be wondering what has happened to Classical Wisdom… Where are the new articles? The exciting insights into the world of ancient Greece and Rome? Where’s your regular fix of philosophy, mythology and history? Fear not, Classics lover! We are still here! In fact, we have finally relaunched on a new publishing platform –

How Can We Handle Stress?

It’s called the “Ham-Rig” Index in our household.  The premise is pretty simple. On the one end of the scale is a family member responsible for running a million dollar a day offshore oil rig… while battling coups, ebola outbreaks, international regulatory bodies and diminishing funds. On the other side, another family member must buy

Stoic Essay Competition: Winner!

Earlier this year we launched our inaugural Stoic Essay competition… and today I’m excited to announce the winner!  We asked how Stoicism can help in our modern lives and were fortunate to have Donald Robertson, renowned Stoic and author of “How to Think Like a Roman Emperor“, judge our submissions.  I’d like to officially congratulate Lia

Symposium Schedule

LAST CHANCE… for a once in a lifetime opportunity

This is a quick note to let you know this is your last chance to register this year’s Symposium 2021: The End of Empires and the Fall of Nations in advance. There will be something for everyone, no matter which corner of the ancient world you love…  Whether you are interested in watching our famous historians

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