women in the odyssey
Women in the Odyssey: Goddesses, wives, lovers, and threats
By Ed Whelan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Traditionally, Ancient Greece is seen as a patriarchal society and women were marginalized
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Lion Gate, Mycenae
The Top 8 Greatest Inventions of the Mycenaeans
By Ed Whelan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom This month’s Classical Wisdom Litterae Issue is dedicated to the Mycenaeans! Get a
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Homer’s Real Story: The Truth Behind the ‘Iliad’
Written by John Martin, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom For the nearly three millennia since the Iliad’s creation, its grand story
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Painting scene of the play
The Cunning Homer: A New Look At The ‘Odyssey’
Written by Alberto Majrani, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Who really killed the suitors in Homer’s Odyssey? A careful reading of
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Master of Stories: Odysseus in the Kingdom of the Dead
Written by Justin D. Lyons, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Just as the adventures described in Books 9-12 of the Odyssey
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The Story before the Story of the Iliad
A good story grows like a tree, upwards, seeking the sun and light. Its heavy branches, though substantial on their
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Achilles Statue
Achilles (The Iliad)
Known From: The Iliad “If I return home to my dear native land, lost then is my glorious renown, yet shall
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The Appeal of The Odyssey
By Ben Potter Even those of you who have only recently taken an interest in the classical world will have
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Ajax The Lesser
The first mistake many make when discussing the hero Ajax and his role in the Trojan war, is that they
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