Battle of Marathon
The battle of Marathon has, for millenia now, been firmly planted within the annals of western history. A decisive battle,
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The Dying Citizen…
What exactly is a citizen?   The idea of citizenship emerged from the city-states of ancient Greece where the obligations of
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Sculpture of Cyrus the Great
Was Cyrus the Great TRULY Great?
Founder of the Persian Empire: Brute or chosen by God?  Cyrus the Great was one of the most influential figures
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Can Politics be Virtuous?
by Sean Kelly, Managing Editor, Classical Wisdom We owe a great deal to the world of Ancient Greece and Rome.
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What Makes a Republic? The Evolution of a Political System.
By Ed Whelan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom In the contemporary world, republics are the most common form of government, yet
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Sparta and… Scotland? Laconic wit through the centuries
By Andrew Rattray When you think of Sparta, what’s the first thing that jumps to mind? I’m willing to wager
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Ancient Bactria: Battleground For Civilization
Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The ancient region of Bactria was in what is now Afghanistan, Uzbekistan,
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The Influence of Ancient Politics on Modern Political Systems
Written by Michael C. Anderson, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Most people believe ancient political systems have had a minimal effect
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A Short History of Voting in the Ancient World
Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Like so much else in the modern world, voting was invented by
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Communism, Class Struggle, and the Roman Republic
Written by Titus, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Karl Marx said that humanity has been in a constant class struggle. According
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