Do Philosopher Queens Exist?
You know how it goes… all ancient men hated women. Right? And Socrates… well, he was a terrible husband. So
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Plato’s Symposium: Always Change For Love
By Van Bryan So, that’s probably a strange thing to say, right? After all, the popular opinion today is that
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Republic's Utopia
Tyrannical Hell or Harmonious Utopia?
By Jacob Bell, Associate Editor, Classical Wisdom Imagine this… You are born into a political and social structure which has
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Socrates teaching
Socrates: The Man Who Knew Too Much
By Jacob Bell, Associate Editor, Classical Wisdom Socrates loved the pursuit of wisdom more than any other. He valued truth,
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Old Ideas Renewed: Science, Philosophy, and Perception as Illusion
By Jacob Bell, Associate Editor, Classical Wisdom Plato, along with his instructor Socrates, are often recognized as the minds which began
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Statue of Socrates
The Theory of Recollection: Immortal Soul Required
By Ben Potter The Phaedo takes places in 399 BC at the scene of the final days of Socrates’ life.
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Plato’s Phaedo: The Spirituality of Socrates
“Crito, we ought to offer a cock to Asclepius. See to it, and don’t forget.” – the Last words of
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Socrates' Death
Socrates Justice – Law and Disorder
by Anya Leonard Somewhere between the words of Socrates and the thoughts of Plato lies the profound question of what
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Socrates the Prophet?
By Van Bryan I originally thought of this article idea some time ago. I remember standing in the basement of
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Introducing Plato and the Theaetetus
By Samuel Gren Contributor from Noet, a Classical Wisdom Weekly partner A.N. Whitehead once characterized Western philosophy as “a series
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