Aristotle and the chatbot
Written by Justin Osborne, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Whenever you surf the Internet, you‘re likely to bump into chatbots powered
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Is Aristotle Relevant to Democracy?
It’s time to take a philosophical deep dive… We all know Aristotle is one of the great pillars of ancient
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Mimesis: Aristotle vs. Plato on Poetry
Written by Visnja Bojovic, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom In a previous article, we discussed Aristotle’s inspiration to write the Poetics
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Catharsis: Aristotle’s Defense of Poetry
Written by Visnja Bojovic, Contributing Writer, Clasical Wisdom Surely, we are all familiar with the term “catharsis.” A significant number
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The Philosophers
Aristotle: In Praise of Contemplation
Written by Alex Barrientos, Senior Editor, Classical Wisdom What is the best, the highest, the happiest kind of life for
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The Illogic of Contradiction – Metaphysics by Aristotle
by Joel Bowman Don’t tell the politicians, Classical Reader, neither on the left, nor on the right. In the non-trivial
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Aristotle at Freiburg
The Goal of Happiness: A summary of Nicomachean Ethics
The achievement of happiness, according to Aristotle, is the end goal of every man. His reasoning is thus: All human
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Aristotle’s Rhetoric: The Philosophy of Persuasion
In this life, whether you are a philosopher or not, you will need to know how to persuade people. Aristotle
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Bust of Aristotle
Aristotle’s Virtue For Some
We learn equally from those who were right as from those who were wrong. We cherry pick ancient ideas, forcing
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Happiness Is…
By Van Bryan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom While the works of Aristotle are numerous, detailed, and profound in their own
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