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Our Mission Statement
Most people today don’t realize it. They don’t understand that we are perched on the shoulders of giants. Shoulders that have shaped our culture, our myths, and our literature. Shoulders that are the very foundations of western civilization. They look at their iPads and forget that the view from where we stand is because of all those who came before us. And while the vista from our elevated position is wonderful, we need to take a moment to appreciate and learn where we came from.
Furthermore, these original thoughts and ideas that have survived the centuries are no less profound than when they were first written. The giants sought the answers to the most important questions asked. Questions that are still asked. They just they wrote on stone tablets, instead of electronic ones. And while technology and scientific knowledge march on, the truths in these original works still prove relevant.
The process of thinking, for instance, has proved critical. A way to look at and investigate the world. From the Socratic method to Euclid’s propositions, the Ancient Greeks and Romans installed a logic, a tool to understanding. At the same time, the Epic poets and competing dramatists gave us exquisite, powerful and tragic stories. Compelling legends that still inspire artists, writers and intellectuals. Then the meticulous historians put our contemporary times in perspective. They illustrated the cyclical nature of society, the revolutions, elections and corruptions. They remind us that, in fact, we haven’t changed much at all.
We love the classics and we hope to encourage that enthusiasm for the ancient books in others. We strive to take these beautiful ideas outside of the classroom, beyond academia and straight to people’s homes.
About the Company
Classical Wisdom Weekly  provides weekly information, commentaries and opinions on Ancient Greek and Latin literature both online and through e-mail publications.
It was founded in 2010 by Anya Leonard and Bill Bonner and was initially presented by Les Belles Lettres English, a partner of Les Belles Lettresa prestigious French publishing house located in Paris. Les Belles Lettres has been around for almost a 100 years and is still dedicated to accurately translating the ancient works.