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Classical Wisdom
Welcome to the Classical Wisdom Weekly store, where you can find all of our products and offers that will allow you to explore the ancient world and discover the masterpieces of antiquity. Simply click on a product to learn more.

Classical Wisdom Litterae | Gold Membership – Yearly


Classical Wisdom Litterae | Gold Membership includes The Essential Classics, 644 pages of the most important Ancient Greek and Roman texts compiled in one convenient book, emailed directly to your inbox. It is a true compendium for any classics lover.

As a Gold Member, you will receive a monthly subscription to our flagship publication, Classical Wisdom Litterae, as well as full access to the Classical Wisdom site. This includes: The Ebook library, the Audio Library, the Members-only Forum, and the Archives. Members also are given free entry to our monthly Webinars.

In total, Gold Members receive:

  1. $30 FREE EBOOK: The Essential Classics
  2. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Final Days of Socrates
  3. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Epics Collection
  4. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Greco-Persian Wars
  5. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Eros Collection
  6. And a monthly Subscription to our flagship publication, Classical Wisdom Litterae

This membership also includes Access to:

  • Classical Wisdom Ebook library, with over 30 books from which to choose
  • Audio Library filled with exciting podcasts
  • Members-only Forum for the serious debaters
  • Free access to monthly Webinars
  • Litterae Archives including innumerable articles, issues, and reading materials

Conservatively this package is worth a total of $350. Only Classical Wisdom Litterae Readers have access to this promotion, which for a limited time offers Gold Membership for a yearly price of $159.95 or $14.99 a month.