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Classical Wisdom Litterae | Gold Membership – Yearly


Classical Wisdom Litterae | Gold Membership includes The Essential Classics, 644 pages of the most important Ancient Greek and Roman texts compiled in one convenient book, emailed directly to your inbox. It is a true compendium for any classics lover.

As a Gold Member, you will receive a monthly subscription to our flagship publication, Classical Wisdom Litterae, as well as full access to the Classical Wisdom site. This includes: The Ebook library, the Audio Library, the Members-only Forum, and the Archives. Members also are given free entry to our monthly Webinars.

In total, Gold Members receive:

  1. $30 FREE EBOOK: The Essential Classics
  2. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Final Days of Socrates
  3. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Epics Collection
  4. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Greco-Persian Wars
  5. $20 FREE BONUS EBOOK: The Eros Collection
  6. And a monthly Subscription to our flagship publication, Classical Wisdom Litterae

This membership also includes Access to:

  • Classical Wisdom Ebook library, with over 30 books from which to choose
  • Audio Library filled with exciting podcasts
  • Members-only Forum for the serious debaters
  • Free access to monthly Webinars
  • Litterae Archives including innumerable articles, issues, and reading materials

Conservatively this package is worth a total of $350. Only Classical Wisdom Litterae Readers have access to this promotion, which for a limited time offers Gold Membership for a yearly price of $159.95 or $14.99 a month.