Forum icon CWSAs a member of Classical Wisdom Litterae, you will have access to a members’ only forum where you can discuss important themes with other members. The forum is laid out in a series of levels that you can navigate in order to find a topic of discussion.
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Forum Home

The forum home is where you will arrive when you first come to the Litterae forum. Here the various forums dedicated to each book can be found. The forum home allows you to see how many specific forums are available, how many topics are open, and how recent the topics are.

litterae forum homepage



Specified Forums

From the home page you can specify which forum you would like to navigate to. The forums are organized by the title of each book. The topics contained in each forum will pertain to the questions raised from that specific text. Once specifying a forum you will see a number of topics that you will be able to engage in. Simply click on a topic to get started.

specified forum


Engaging in Topics

Once you have selected a topic you will be able to see what other members have been saying. You may either read other’s comments on the topic or contribute to the ongoing topic.

topic cws




How to Start a Topic

Scroll down on the Forum Home Page and you will find a section where you can start a topic. Write a short Topic title and then fill in the question in the larger box below. Feel free to write in topic tags relating to the book or subject your question relates to.
Society Forum New Topic



Rules of Engagement

  1. Always support your arguments, use specific examples and systematic logic
  2. Stay on topic unless briefly changing topics supports your argument
  3. Belittling other commentators does not make you a philosopher, it makes you a jerk

I would like to learn how to use the Classical Wisdom Library.