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The Spirituality Of Seneca

 Before we go any further, you really ought to click here and read the thing so you have a grasp on what we are talking about. Go ahead, I’ll wait. … You back? Good! That wasn’t so bad. So, where to start? Perhaps it is important to note that Stoicism as a philosophy taught, above

Achilles (The Iliad)

Known From: The Iliad “If I return home to my dear native land, lost then is my glorious renown, yet shall my life long endure, neither shall the doom of death come soon upon me” -Achilles, From The Iliad The hero of The Iliad, Achilles is the central character and fiercest warrior in Homer’s epic. He is

Ancient Bickering: The American Founding Fathers and the Classics

By Spencer Klavan The American Founding Fathers knew a thing or two, and one of those things was how to read the Classics. By this I don’t mean that their Latin was good (it was), or that their knowledge of ancient history was infallible (it wasn’t). I mean that they didn’t use Classical writing the

Why Does Stuff Exist?

If that title seems a bit vague, not to mention all-around weird, then there is probably a reason for that. The subject matter we are tackling today tends to be so head-scratchingly confusing that any attempt at explaining it via a brief title just falls short. That’s right everybody. This week we are looking at

Plato’s Symposium: Always Change For Love

By Van Bryan So, that’s probably a strange thing to say, right? Plato’s Symposium After all, the popular opinion today is that you shouldn’t change for love and that your spouse shouldn’t make you change. I am who I am and that’s all that I am! That certainly seems to be the mindset these days;

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