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Plato’s Symposium: Always Change For Love

By Van Bryan So, that’s probably a strange thing to say, right? Plato’s Symposium After all, the popular opinion today is that you shouldn’t change for love and that your spouse shouldn’t make you change. I am who I am and that’s all that I am! That certainly seems to be the mindset these days;

Emperor Trump?

NEW YORK- “How’s everything with you post election?” our fearless leader, Anya Leonard, wrote to us on Wednesday morning. We look out the window. Sun still shining. We glance over our shoulder. Dog still napping on the couch. We pick up a piece of paper, drop it, and watch it waft slowly to the floor.

Nothing More Demoralizing

By Ben Potter and Van Bryan “Money…there’s nothing in the world so demoralizing as money.” So says the 5th-century Greek playwright, Sophocles. Now, dear reader, we’re a student of the classics. We believe that an understanding and appreciation for the literature and history of antiquity can lend us perspective. The classics teach us to think

Ego is Your Enemy

This month we have been occupied with politics- discussing politics, reading The Politics, mourning the state of politics, writing about aforementioned lamentation of politics. Why do we do this to ourselves? No answers for certain. Maybe your editor is a masochist. If you’re a long-time sufferer of our scribblings, then that also makes us a

How important is the health of a ruler?

The classical age was rife with plague and disease. After all, the ancient world very often chalked up illnesses to the whims of capricious gods; and when you consider that there were open sewer systems, deplorable hygiene practices, not to mention a severe lack of penicillin, getting sick and dying weak and infirmed was par

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